#IamOLX Joaquin: The joys of collecting and being a family man

#IamOLX Joaquin: The joys of collecting and being a family man

Collectors usually have an interesting story, and oftentimes their stories invite us into a world that is strange and wonderful, intimate and personal, but also oddly familiar. This shouldn’t be surprising.

Besides, we can perhaps agree that a collection is sort of a reflection of someone’s soul — or, to put it a little less dramatically — of their values, principles, and personality. But a collection can also be so specific, or in Joaquin’s case, so rich and varied, that it starts to breathe a life of its own.

Joaquin’s collection is definitely one of those.

Joaquin is a collector, restaurant owner, and a father. And today we take a peek at his life (and his collection’s!), showing us bits and pieces of the colorful, complex, beautiful kind of life he’s led and how he was able to achieve all of it.


Hi, Joaquin! Can you tell us something about yourself?

I am Joaquin Casal, a collector. I enjoy collecting items mostly old items. Some new, and some useful.

Can you give us examples of the kinds of items you collect?

The items I enjoy collecting are figurines, wood carvings and paintings. Mostly about the family, and also some ethnic items from different countries. But mostly always depicting the family: mother and child. Probably because it has something to do with mother nature. I enjoy looking at nature and what better way to express it than seeing mother and child?

Aside from the serious collection that I mentioned, meron ding mga trivial items. Mostly yung mga collectibles sa mga bars, restaurants at sa pubs. Because that’s what I do, I operate a bar and a restaurant. So I enjoy keeping, using, acquiring, swapping and selling of all these neon signs, signages of coca cola, beers, and wines. Sometimes I get tired of it, so I also have to dispose it to get newer items.

That’s interesting! When did you decide to start collecting these items?

It all started nung binigyan ako ng mga items [at work]. At first I thought ako lang may gusto, but later on, pati ibang tao nagugustuhan nila yung items ko. Napansin nila na I fix items that are supposed to be thrown away. But I make it look good again.

Parang jigsaw puzzle yan. I get items that are busted and I sit down, and with a super glue I get to fix it. It’s new again and people start to appreciate it. Sometimes they give me items that I end up fixing. Some people might find it different. Hindi nila nagugustuhan mag ayos ng items, but me, I really enjoy it.

How are you able to fit all of your collections at home? Do you have a special place for them?

As a matter of fact, nagrereklamo na yung asawa ko. Pati ba naman banyo may mga figurines, kung anu-anong nakasabit sa wall, may lamp sa tabi ng lababo, and so on and so forth.

And then I thought I have a chance to sell it and to buy newer items. In reality, nag co-collect din ako ng mga bagong items and dun naman natutuwa yung asawa ko sa mga bagong items kasi feeling niya walang value yung mga lumang items (pero actually, meron).

So you’re also operate a restobar. How’s that like?

It’s not a big establishment but this is actually what I enjoy doing most. I like serving the community. Not just with good food but with a good drink, sometimes alcoholic beverages that come hand in hand with the food.

When I was growing up, believe it or not, I used to make sandwiches in the kitchen and sell it to my mom, dad, sisters, and brothers. Sabi nga ng mom ko, “Pambihira ka naman, I buy the groceries then you sell it back to me.” Nag-a-act ako as a waiter. Then later on in life, I found myself working for a pub, and then for a franchisee/franchisor. I had my own little thing going on. I also do work with other people. Operating and setting up restaurants. That’s the nice thing about working while collecting. You can also decorate your restaurant or bar.


Why did you decide to start selling on OLX?

Gusto ko din talagang kumita. Minsan may item akong useful pero ayaw ko. Naalala ko, grade two, binenta ko yung pencil case ko. Nagalit nanay ko. Pero nung nakita nya yung bagong pencil case ko na nakuha mula dun sa pera na nakuha ko dun sa binenta kong pencil case, natuwa naman sya.


What about selling do you like a lot?

I’m a family man. I’m married and have two kids. So with the income that I’m earning in the business that I’m in, this buy and sell, it sometimes gives a bigger plus than the restobar that I run. And, meron siyang Bonanza effect. Sometimes you do good and sometimes you do very good.

It’s nice to buy and sell. It’s nice to discover new items that you can fix, turn around, and be able to sell, then make yourself happy.

Being a family man, I am very blessed that I have a very supportive family. So much so that I think that I also feel like a blessing to them.

You collect a lot of stuff! Are there any other items in particular that you enjoy collecting?

Believe it or not, I am also a car collector. It all started with my passion for Volkswagen. I had a beetle, a Combi, and it just kept going on from there. For some crazy reason, I even have a pink car which is a Kia Pride. I was buying parts to make things work better. My Volkswagen beetle had air con, and I almost converted my Combi into a four-wheel drive.

The joy in having to say that you collect cars is exhilarating because every time you get a new car or even second-hand car and then you fix it, the joy is just tremendous. When you get it to be as road-worthy and as original as possible. Everything is working, all the lights, doors, switches then you start adding accessories that are useful, it’s exhilarating.

And OLX has been helping you with this?

Let me tell you this. I spend a lot of time looking for things on the internet and OLX is one of the best tools because almost everything under the sun is there. Unlike other sites, they only have cars, this, or that. In OLX, from toys, to paintings, religious items, to cars and even clothes, name it and they have it there.

OLX is actually our family affair. When I wanted to put an ad, I had to call my daughter and she’d help me. I didn’t realize that it was so simple. Parang KISS. KEEP IT SIMPLY SIMPLE. Yun yung beauty of it. So when you post something, believe it or not, give it an hour or so meron nang tumatawag or nagtetext. It is such a useful tool because it reaches out to so many, hindi lang siya traditional media, talagang social media.

Why OLX?

Believe me, the money that I earn from buying and selling is unbelievable. It’s so much worth it. Most time talagang it works out in your favor. When you buy something make sure na kailangan mo sya and later on maibebenta mo sya. Those items that you get, ingatan mo, fix it, and then i sell mo. Talagang worth it yung earnings don.

Do you have any tips for other people looking to do buy and sell on OLX?

Let me tell you yung mga tips to sell. ‘Wag nyong isipin na pag mag bebenta kayo, ibebenta nyo ng super mahal tapos hihintayin nyong tumawad yung tao. Ibenta nyo in a fair price because posibleng hindi tumawad. Posibleng malaman nya na binebenta mo at a right price kasi gusto mong mag move on and also buy something. Sometimes people understand that it is a fair price. What you see is what you get.

Tapos dapat tapat ka dun sa binebentahan mo. Ito yung kondisyon nito, ito yung ginawa ko, ito yung service record nya, at ito yung reason for selling. With that minsan walang tawad, kukunin sayo. Hindi gaya nung sobrang taas nung price na wala namang bibili, napakatagal na nasa ad.

Also do your research. Alamin mo kung magkano yung value nya. So kung talagang you cannot sell it for the price that you got it for, you can still get your investment back because kahit di siya nag appreciate, makukuha mo pa rin yung value. Maibebenta mo pa rin siya. So make sure that you know what you’re getting so that later on if you sell it, you can really make a sale.


What have been your favorite transactions through OLX?

The items that I have been able to sell online are mostly vehicles. But the other items such as figurines, pa isa-isa. Believe me, nakakabenta. Minsan reverse pa, nakakabili. But in the future I’m sure, maibebenta ko rin sya.