Meeting With Success (And Love) on OLX: The Story of Ivan Quitalig of Honda Cars

Meeting With Success (And Love) on OLX: The Story of Ivan Quitalig of Honda Cars

Before Ivan Quitalig the Honda Salesman, there was Ivan Quitalig the high school salesman. While most high schoolers depended on their allowance, Ivan made his own money. He tells us that he sold bikes and even motorcycles when he was still in high school. But he didn’t stop there. When he entered college, Quitalig moved on to sell his first car.

Quitalig soon realized that he had the makings of a great salesman.

Consistency Is The Name Of The Game

Despite graduating with a degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Quitalig chose to stay grounded. He shares how he felt that going into sales was the next natural step. After all, he had already sold a secondhand car.

After selling secondhand cars for a time, he started working for Honda in 2013 under its field sales. He thought it would be easy.

Not exactly.

Quitalig learned that buying a brand new car was a big decision for many people. Primarily, because of the higher price tag. Luckily for him, he had something to fall back on: his consistency.

For Love…Of The Grind

For Quitalig, working in sales is all about consistency. This involves always finding new ways of doing things. What works this month, won’t necessarily work in the next. Being able to consistently keep up is key.

He also consistently posts on OLX. Even before he worked in Honda, Quitalig had already been posting on OLX. For him, the internet is the best place to go beyond one’s network for selling and OLX is the perfect platform for this.

Even now, he still posts on OLX. More so because he says how he appreciates OLX agents notifying him if he has an expiring ad.

“With OLX, thankful ako kasi marami kayong nabigay sakin. So especially kung ano yung meron ako ngayon, nakakatulong pa rin talaga siya. Every time.”

It’s even through OLX that he met the woman who became his wife. One day, a woman just walked in to buy a car for her daughter. Two years later, they’re married and have a one-year old.

It goes to show that consistency brings all sorts of surprises. But Quitalig is far from through. Now, he has his eyes set on rising to the level of a managerial position. He has quotas to meet, but he’s confident that he can reach it someday.

“With doing my best, kailangan ko talaga tumarget. Kailangan ko gawin yung mga quotas na binibigay sakin and with that, talagang kailangan maging consistent to achieve kung ano yung mga pangarap ko.”

The American author Henry David Thoreau once said “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” With his consistency and vision, Ivan is sure to continue meeting with success as he aspires to achieve even more.



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