6 Lip Products You Need for International Kissing Day

6 Lip Products You Need for International Kissing Day

Pucker up, ladies and gents. International Kissing Day is here! Before you venture out and start smooching, check out these 6 lip products to give your lips some of that tender loving care.


Lip Scrub

When it comes to lip care, lip scrubs don’t often come to mind for a lot of us. Lip scrubs are important so that you don’t have flaky, dry lip. It also allows the lip balm to absorb into your lips better. Remember: only do this twice a week. Your lips are delicate after all.


Lip Balm

If you don’t want to kiss someone with dry lips, why should anyone else? So, to prevent dry lips, buy yourself some lip balm to help moisturize your lips.


Lip Liner

Before you apply your lipsticks or lip stains, it’s advised that you apply a lip liner first. It prevents your lipstick/stain from bleeding out of your lips. It also helps give a matte look and helps you color within your lips. Lip liners aren’t used popularly but they make a huge difference in the look of your lips. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.



Lipsticks are a classic. Used to color your lips in various shades, they are sure to make a statement. Plus, for International Kissing Day, you can commemorate by leaving kiss marks with your favorite lipstick shade on your loved ones.


Lip Stain

You might be wondering what the difference between a lipstick and a lip tint/stain is. Well, first off, lipsticks are more oil-based while lip stains are water-based. Aside from that, lipsticks don’t last as long as lip stains but lip stains dry your lips out more. There are more color choices for lipsticks, too. But a lip stain can provide a natural-esque effect and don’t smudge. Perfect for Kissing Day. If you haven’t tried one yet, today’s a good a day as any.


Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is the perfect way to make your lips look moist and absolutely kissable. Sure they seem like a 2000’s throwback, but they can still make your lips look pretty. The gloss makes your lips look more enticing and shiny. So for that throwback look, why not try using lip gloss instead of lipstick?

From exfoliating our lips to providing that shiny finish, we have covered all of our bases when it comes to lip TLC. So, which lip products will you use for International Kissing Day? Have any preferences for lip products? Comment down below and tell us how it was! We won’t be keeping you any longer. Now, go forth and smooch!