Things To Keep In Your Car At All Times: A Handy List

Things To Keep In Your Car At All Times: A Handy List

The world is an unpredictable place. Sometimes you think a day is all planned out and everything will turn out fine. You’re driving home after a week of work thinking to yourself how okay the day was only to end up with a flat tire in the middle of the road on a Friday night with no one to help you. In cases like these, it’s best to be prepared. Car-related incidences happen unpredictably. The best you can do is have the right tools lying around to help you. That’s why we compiled a list of things to keep in your car at all times.


Mini-air Compressor/Portable Tire Inflator

Things To Keep In Your Car At All Times Mini Air Compressor

When you don’t have a spare tire and air is slowly leaking out of it, you’d be very glad to have a mini-air compressor or a portable tire inflator on hand. A mini-air compressor or a portable tire inflator can help inflate your tire for a short while so that you can drive your vehicle to where you can fix your tire.

Although the mini-air compressor and the portable tire inflator essentially do the same thing, a mini-air compressor operates at a faster speed and pumps at a higher psi (pounds per square inch) than a tire inflator. Of course, the price would be higher for an air compressor than a tire inflator, so watch out for that.


Jumper Cables

Good for both you and for someone else out there who’d need help. Jumper cables can help you start a dead battery. With the help of someone else’s car, of course. Likewise, you can help other people who are in the same predicament.


Flashlight/Magnetic Flashlight

Although most smartphones already have a built-in flashlight, it can drain quite a lot from your phone battery. So, nothing beats an actual flashlight during emergencies. Magnetic flashlights will be more convenient as you can stick them onto your car, freeing up a hand for other emergency tasks you’d have to do.


Gas Container

A spare empty gas container will do the trick when you run out of gas in the middle of the road and a gas station is nearby. Some gas stations will refuse to sell fuel if you don’t have a proper container, so having a spare around will be useful for these instances. Remember to keep it empty when traveling though, as it is a fire hazard.


Car Jack and Lug Nut Ratchet Wrench

Usually, cars already have these in it along with their spare tire. But if not, it’s better that you purchase these immediately. A car jack with a lever and the lug wrench or the tire wrench are used to lift up your car so you could remove the lug nuts from your tire and replace it with the spare. Make sure you have them ready in your car.



This is a big help for those lug nuts that just won’t budge. It is recommended that you keep at least 2 WD-40s, just in case! Along with the car jack and the lug wrench, a WD-40 is a crucial part of your tire change essentials.


Duct Tape

Duct tape is useful for those quick temporary fixes needed for your car that can’t be addressed in a permanent fashion as of the moment. It’s secure and sturdy and has a lasting adhesive so there are no worries about things falling apart until you get to a safe place.


Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is useful for many things. Aside from everyday things that just have to get cut or sliced or what-have-you, it can also serve as a multi-tool of sorts in times of distress.


Bottle of Water

Overheating is one of the most frequent car problems that drivers encounter out on the road. That is why it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of water in your car at all times. You can even use an empty plastic water bottle. Just don’t drink from it!


Rag/Mechanic’s Gloves

A car emergency is bound to make you get down and dirty. A spare rag or mechanic’s gloves can help with this. Aside from keeping you clean, it can also help protect your hands from injury.


Early Warning Device (EWD)

Having early warning devices or EWDs in your trunk is a definite must. EWDs help warn oncoming drivers about an emergency situation before they reach it. This helps make sure that another accident does not happen to both you and the other drivers.

If you have these items in your car, then you’re ready for almost anything that may come in your way. If not, then list all these things down and get ready to buy these for your next shopping spree for practicality.

So, do you think we’ve gotten them all? What other things do you think you need to keep in your car at all times? Comment down below and tell us!



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