Millennial Men are Bigger Online Shoppers, Research Shows

Millennial Men are Bigger Online Shoppers, Research Shows

While it’s common to think that females are the bigger shoppers both online and offline, the recent statistics from OLX Data Hub surprisingly show otherwise. In the research, OLX reveals that more Filipino men prefer to shop online across several categories, including baby stuff and furniture.

OLX Data Hub gathered information from search history and sessions in their platform in 2016 which showed that it’s millennial men who do the most shopping online. Men aged 25 to 34 make up the biggest growth drivers for online shopping across the three highest growth categories in 2016: furniture, sports and health items, and baby-related goods.

For baby-related goods, 55% of shoppers are male, suggesting that more Pinoy men are open to searching for quality items for their little tykes. While it’s likely millennial men are first-time fathers, they’re more aware that not everything needs to be new for their babies since children outgrow a lot of items, fast.

The top five items searched for in each category also give further insight into the life of the Pinoy millennial man. Read on.


Top 5 Searches for Furniture


Top 5 Searches for Sports and Health Items

Top 5 Searches for Baby Stuff

Additional findings based on OLX’s data suggest that Pinoy millennial men are practical shoppers who are looking for the most lucrative deals when it comes to furnishing their homes. Looking at the popularly searched items, pieces like sofas, tables, cabinets, and beds are all essentials when filling up their living space or bachelor pad

Outside the home, millennial men are both adventurous and environment conscious. As the data from OLX hints that their hobbies include motor, mountain, and city biking. This tells us that Pinoy millennial men are trying to find ways to dodge traffic jams and that they’re also concerned about leaving less of a carbon footprint in their quest for an adrenaline rush.

Whether for their hobbies or for their homes, data also suggests that Pinoy millennial men highly do their research online and find communities who can help them stay informed about their chosen interest.

“More than the usual buy and sell transactions on our platform, it has also become an avenue for different communities to share information and foster camaraderie online,” shares Jean Magboo, Marketing Head of OLX.

Magboo adds: “Aside from the exchange of items, tips and recommendations also get shared, too. Meet-ups become more than just a business deal, but an enriching experience—making it a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.”

The increase in Pinoy millennial men shopping online can also be attributed to communities that are present in platforms like OLX. Millennial women also have communities that continue to grow especially for those into fashion, makeup, and fitness.