Show Some Love For Mom This Mother’s Day: 12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Show Some Love For Mom This Mother’s Day: 12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It takes little to make Mom feel appreciated. But why not go the extra mile this year for Mother’s day? Besides, with affordable options that are available on OLX, the smile on your mom’s face will be priceless when you put in a little more effort than the usual flowers and greeting card. Looking for special Mother’s Day gift ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve narrowed down some ideas that we think moms will love. Check out some of the top-selling items perfect for showing your utmost appreciation for her:

#1: Indoor plants

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Indoor plants

Indoor plants require little upkeep and are a great addition to your mom’s room. Indoor plants also prove to be beneficial for one’s health, as they help with providing clean air and act as mood boosters.

Price of indoor plants on OLX starts at P75


#2: Perfume

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Perfume

Splurge a little for your mom every once in awhile. Getting her her favorite scent only means you pay close attention to the small details… just like she did with you!

Price of perfume on OLX starts at P500.


#3: Kitchen equipment

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Kitchen equipment

Nothing spells how much you appreciate your mom’s cooking than when you give her a set of kitchen equipment. She’ll have a lot more fun cooking, and you’ll have a lot more excuse to keep visiting!

Price of kitchen equipment on OLX starts at P600 


#4: Pet dog

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Pets

Show her some love and affection through a pet dog. Your mom will appreciate the additional company, and it’ll be fun to call once in awhile and check in.

Price of pet dogs on OLX starts at P500.


#5: Furniture

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Furniture

Remember the coffee table she asked you not to place glasses on without a coaster? Well, maybe you can afford to replace that now.

Price of furniture on OLX starts at P1000.


#6: Jewelry

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Jewelry

There are lots of jewelry options on OLX that are perfect for your mom. How about a customized necklace with her initials on it?

Price of jewelry on OLX starts at P800.


#7: A nice dress

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Dress

Did you grow up taking pride that you took some style notes from your mom? Has she always been the best dressed in the room? Get her a nice dress for Mother’s Day!

Price of dresses on OLX starts at P100.


#8: Scented candles

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Scented Candles

Make her feel like the classy lady that she is by giving her scented candles as a present. It’ll help her relax and summon her inner goddess.

Price of scented candles on OLX starts at P50.


#9: Heels

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Heels

There’s no way to express that you think she’s still got it than a nice pair of dancing shoes. Invite her for a night out and let her show you how to have fun!

Price of heels on OLX starts at P150.


#10: Bags

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Bags

You know the saying: a lady can’t have too many bags! Choose among several low-end, to locally made, to high-end options to add into your mom’s collection.

Price of bags on OLX starts at P300.


#11: Organizers

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Organizers

So you finally get the point why your mom kept telling you to be more organized with your stuff. It’s time to repay that important life lesson you got from her.

Price of organizers on OLX starts at P100.


#12: A Nice Watch

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Watch

Despite Mom’s addiction to Candy Crush, perhaps she still appreciates a good ol’ wristwatch to keep track of time. You know, to remind you how late you are for Sunday lunch.

Price of watches on OLX starts at P500.


Nothing beats the joy your mom feels when they receive a gift, and not just because it came from you but because you actually put a lot of thought into it. Make your mom feel like the most special lady in your life with these gift ideas. You know she deserves it!