Choosing Motherhood: A Tribute To All Moms

Choosing Motherhood: A Tribute To All Moms

As Mother’s Day draws closer, different brands are coming up with all sorts of tributes for the special day. Soon enough, we’ll see our social media feeds fill to the brim with all sorts of tear-jerking, heart-wrenching content. Wiping the tears from our eyes, we call up our mothers to tell them we love them. At least, for those fortunate enough to still have their mothers around.

All these stories share a similar thread that tugs at the heartstrings: mothers sacrifice much for their children. For many mothers, the sacrifice goes so far as to have practically built their lives around their children. For many of us, we’ve heard it time and again. The sleepless nights when we were toddlers. Dealing with our rebellious teenage years. Helping us get through problems when we feel live everything’s failed us.

And yet, these are just vignettes of the extent of a mother’s sacrifice. This Mother’s Day, we ask: how much have our mothers given up for us?


Freedom And Motherhood

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The so-called “millennial generation” enjoys unprecedented levels of freedom. Characterized by a multiplicity of options, ours is an age where we are openly sold the idea that we can be anything we want. (That is, as long as we work hard enough.) We are told to live as strong, independent individuals who should never settle. Instructed to reach for greatness, we work tirelessly day in and day out to achieve our dreams.

While the fight for a better world for women continues, the idea that women can also be anything they want has become accepted in more and more parts of the world. Patriarchy and misogyny still live but more have taken up arms to so end them.

But once upon a time, things were not as promising.

Once upon a time, the world of the woman was limited to the household.  Society dictated that all women at some point had to become mothers. A woman’s worth was defined by her ability to bear children.

This was the time our mothers grew up in.

Yet despite society seemingly forcing our mothers into their role, the love they’ve shown us could not feel more genuine. Despite being denied many of the freedoms we enjoy today, mothers still took it upon themselves to raise us right. Through this, they gave us the means to strive for our own dreams.


The Choice To Love

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Our mothers grew up in a world that deprived them of many things. They could have perpetuated the same system that boxed them in. Yet in response, they broke the cycle of the status quo and raised us to be free to be ourselves. They responded, not with retaliation or bitterness, but with love.

And therein lies all of a mother’s sacrifices. When a mother chooses to love, she surrenders countless possibilities of what she could be for the sake of her children. This is a mother’s sacrifice.

This Mother’s Day, consider how in an age of infinite possibilities, to choose to be a caring mother is a revolutionary act. In a world constantly praising greatness in some form of earth-shattering achievement, remember how they pursued the humble meekness of motherhood. They dealt not with dizzying numbers or “cutting-edge tech” but with tears, blood, urine, excrement, and all other things. Rebelling against a world of praises and accolades, mothers do their work tirelessly, never demanding praise or repayment.


Responding To Love With Love

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There are countless ways to respond to your mother’s love. Flowers. Chocolates. An afternoon at a spa. A heartfelt letter. We have a few ideas ourselves (Show Some Love For Mom This Mother’s Day: 12 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas).

But beyond all of these, perhaps the best way to show gratitude to our mothers is to make the same revolutionary choice they made: to love.

We live in an age where we are told to work our hardest to achieve our dreams and where we have countless ways to enjoy ourselves. However, even for a moment, we can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world. We can spend time with our mothers in whatever way or form, perhaps even idly. It can be labeled unproductive, but deep down it possesses the same spirit of revolutionary love our mothers have shown us. To spend time with another person is to surrender yourself for the sake of another without demanding praise or repayment.

In a world constantly telling us to strive for more, even for a moment, we can embrace out mothers and say “This is enough.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, single or otherwise. May we return the love you showed us tenfold.

To conclude our tribute, here’s a short yet sweet video where we asked people at the office about their moms. Which story can you relate to the most? 🙂