New moms need to kick back too—here are some ways

New moms need to kick back too—here are some ways

There’s a common (and overplayed) trope of the frazzled new mom. She’s the one with a manic look from sleep deprivation and stress associated with caring for newborns. A lot of the times, frazzled moms are portrayed as the slob who’s lost track of everything so she looks and acts like a mess.

It’s no secret that being a new mom is a tough task, and what they do is no joke. So they definitely deserve time to unwind when things settle down.

If you’re a new mom and you’re wondering what you can do to kick back, check out some of these ideas!


Moms who want to work out while finding mental peace and easing their muscles need not look further than yoga. The ancient Indian discipline literally means “to attach” or “to unite,” and combines meditation and mindful exercise.

Yoga has been known to help align spines, soothe muscles, and prevent injuries, which makes it popular among athletes. Practitioners also recommend it for improving focus and tranquility.

If you are tired from running after kids and handling all the logistical aspects of raising a family, you can find physical and mental solace in yoga. By finding a practice that allows you to feel good about your body, you can keep fit while having quiet moments to yourself.

To get started, you can invest in a mat and some blocks. If you want hands-on guidance with your practice, you might also want to try some classes.


As cellphone cameras continue improving and apps like Instagram and VSCO make editing photos more accessible, it’s starting to seem like anyone can try their hand at photography. If other people can do it, why can’t you?

After all, taking a great photo isn’t about having flashy gear. A person with an eye for details and a good story to tell already has some of the most important parts of the craft. New moms can have a ton of fun with this. Whether it’s taking photos of your kids as keepsakes or really interesting scenery, there are plenty of possibilities open for photographers.

Most phones nowadays have cameras that can take high quality photos and videos. Their original software is also capable of at least making basic adjustments. Three of the best ones are the OnePlus 3, iPhone 7 Plus, and the Google Pixel.

But if you really want to take the art to the next level, you might want to look for gear to back it up. The Canon G7X is a good place to start: it’s portable and easy to use while still offering the user a lot of control.

Moving up the professional scale are the DSLRs. Any of the big 3—Sony, Nikon, and Canon—are enough to get the shots. Lesser-known brands such as Olympus and Leica are also viable options.

Arts and crafts

Moms trying out art is a bit of a stereotype. But there’s just something fun and calming about working on a piece.

The best part about trying art as a new mom is that the whole family can get involved. Obviously, that kind of crew isn’t always going to produce a gallery-level piece, but the important thing is everyone gets to kick back and make a mess sometimes.

If you’re at a loss about where to start, you can always consult books. From there, you can have fun experimenting before settling on something you really enjoy.

Those were just three ideas for you to have fun, but don’t be afraid to try other activities. Maybe you can do all 3 or you might even try more. (Kudos to you if you do).