Resolutions: Courage, Resolve, and Hope

Resolutions: Courage, Resolve, and Hope

Halfway through the first month of 2017, we thought we’d talk about New Year’s resolutions. For many of us, we’ve grown up making resolutions at the start of the year. After all, it makes sense because the start of the year makes a good starting point.

Whether it’s building a new good habit or removing a bad one, resolutions have always been about becoming a better version of oneself. For others, it’s about setting a theme or embracing an attitude for the year.

With this in mind, we went around the OLX office asking what they plan to bring in to 2017. You might relate with some of them.


From the ashes of 2016

For many people, 2016 was quite a challenging year. Many people treat 2016 as a year of shock, grief, and terror. Come December, people were bidding good riddance to 2016.  The year definitely left its marks on people.

For Brand Marketing Manager Jean Magboo, 2016 was her most challenging year thus far. Work definitely wasn’t easy for her. OLX turned 10 last year. With it, came many ambitious campaigns like #WinTogether and Halaga ng Boto Mo to noble initiatives like the Tech Literacy Camp. Jean and her team definitely faced many challenges throughout the year.

Despite all this, Jean says she welcomes 2017 with high hopes and gratitude. She finds good reason to be. Halaga ng Boto Mo won 2 awards. She adds that now that she has more time for herself, she can travel more. Aside from this, Jean has more time to reconnect with old friends, get to know new ones, and also revisit her spirituality.

“Attraversiamo,” Italian for “crossing over” is how she described the coming of the new year. Jean says 2017 will be, for her, a year of courage. It will be a year of many risks. She has her eyes set on establishing a fashion café that supports local coffee and textile industry. To that, we say andiamo!


Courage: Taking risks

In a world full of uncertainty, it definitely takes a lot to break away from the tried and tested. This is where courage comes in.

Marketing’s Timmy del Agua says living life means going out of one’s comfort zones. For her, being trapped in a routine is dangerous. With most of our waking hours either being for work or being stuck in traffic, she says it’s important to find time to let oneself grow.

Despite her hectic schedule, Timmy says she’ll travel to Cambodia later this year. She tells us it will be her first proper vacation in the 6 years she’s been working.

Timmy will take the chance to immerse herself in the history of a country very much similar to ours. She also plans to visit Singapore and see “the country we could have been” for a change in perspective.

Product Lead Art Lobigas is also keen on traveling for a change in perspective. Instead of going to the popular destinations, Art plans to go backpacking in Nepal this year.

For Art, Nepal will be a change of pace from what he’s used to. He says he wants to experience a place that’s “rugged” and not as cosmopolitan. Art also plans to take this as a chance to rest from all the excitement of the previous year.

However, Art plans to continue to take part in all the craziness the year has in store. “I know it’s going to be difficult but I don’t want to just cry in a room or sit in a corner,” he says. He intends to use his voice for whatever good he can contribute, even if it means being criticized. 


Resolve: Confronting challenges

Aside from courage, the word “resolve” comes to mind. It’s one thing to face challenges, it’s another thing to work them through. One could have the courage to face challenges but fail to overcome them. This is where resolve comes in.

HR’s Mina Singson goals are clear: financial freedom, progress in her career, and improved fitness. She’s already begun taking steps as early as December 2016. For her, the challenge will be maintaining the feeling of motivation.

However, she says she can derive inspiration from her progress. Whether it’s having a zero-balance credit card bill, handling once difficult tasks with ease, or lifting heavier weights, Mina is confident she can achieve her goals 100%. With a steadfast mindset, she marches into 2017.

Chief Technology Officer Bit Santos may not have a goal as specific but there’s no doubt he is determined. Where does this determination come from? His family.

For 2017, Bit intends to be more involved in his sons’ lives. Lately, Bit says he doesn’t have much energy to play with his two sons, 7 years old and 5 years old, respectively. Because of this, Bit intends to live a healthier lifestyle.

He’s starting with small steps like being more conscious of his diet and generally being more active. He doesn’t have a particular end goal, he says. However, he says it’s all about putting himself on the right path and sticking to it.


Hope: Daring for more

At the heart of every resolution lies a desire for more. When it comes down to it, resolutions are built on hope. Resolutions express a hope that things can be better. Hope pushes us to grow.

Performance Marketing Officer Hans Lagman enters 2017 with hope. Amidst all the terrible things that happened in 2016, Hans says to look on the bright side and keep going.

No matter what part of the year it is, Hans says it’s important to keep pressing on. Rather than complaining, Hans tells us that things can only get better by doing whatever you can every day.

Likewise, Arma Demillo from Sales and Operations doesn’t have any specific resolutions for the year. However, she knows that this will be a year of risks and opportunities that will lead to her becoming a better person.

For Arma, 2016 tested her resilience as she navigated many changes in her life. However, she stepped up and it was all for the better.

With refreshing straightforwardness, Arma tells us, “‘Di naman agad lalapit ‘yan sayo. Kailangan mo gumawa ng paraan. (Opportunities don’t just come to you. You have to work for them.)”

Head of Consumer Insights Epik Pios says 2017 will be a year of disruption. In the past, Epik says his previous resolutions have been tactical in nature such as eating healthier and going to the gym more. Now, Epik says it’s time to dream a little bigger.

With the disruptions he foresees, Epik says it’s a good time to ride the waves of change. He tells us that it’s time to be more embracing and emphatic of changes. There will always be feelings of fear and resistance, according to Epik. However, he says not to be afraid of defying the norm.


Into the unknown of 2017

Most of 2017 is still unknown and is sure to hold many surprises. However, as we carry on through the year we find that many of the things that are unknown are within ourselves.

Tech team’s Sarah Kuizon says she used to be quite pessimistic. Before, she says she focused on the worst that could happen and neglected to think about the best that could be.  While this keeps one stable, Sarah says it kept her within her comfort zone.

In 2016 though, Sarah had to do something out of her comfort zone: public speaking. Lo and behold, it went well. Because of this, Sarah has resolved to do more things outside her comfort zone.

It’s certainly frightening to try things outside of one’s comfort zone. There will be mistakes and awkward transitions. However, there are surprises that await those who venture forth. Sarah says the key is to keep moving.

Product Officer Pau Torres is also fearful of the future. However, he is also more excited than afraid of what surprises are in store.

This is because in the previous year, Pau surprised himself by taking on roles he thought weren’t really for him. 2016 for Pau was a year of growing up. As 2017 rolls around, Pau say he plans to use the year to invest in himself.

“The challenge is to be a better version of me this 2017,” he tells us.

At the end of the day, it seems resolutions aren’t really about hitting specific targets. They’re not about a goal weight or having a certain amount of money. These are just indicators. At the core of it all, it seems to be a desire to be greater. In a world as chaotic as ours, what we strive for is self-determination. This is how resilience is developed.

A new year, for many of us, signals an end and a beginning. In some ways, you could say it also signals the end of who we are now as we continue to invent and reinvent who we are. As we face our struggles, we grow and become more fully and more truly ourselves.

May we hope for more as we develop the courage to face the unknown and the resolve to keep going. To invoke English poet William Ernest Henley, let us be the masters of our fates and the captains of our souls. This is our time. 2017 will be ours.