OLX campaigns for empowerment through voter education with #HalagaNgBotoMo

OLX campaigns for empowerment through voter education with #HalagaNgBotoMo

In an attempt to make a mark on the political atmosphere during the election season, OLX took a stand in its latest campaign: “Ibenta mo na ang gamit mo, ‘wag lang boto mo,” said the campaign slogan.


For three weeks before the election date, OLX aimed at promoting a sense of responsibility among Filipino voters by taking their choices critically, instead of falling into vote-buying.

To encourage this, OLX held a series of visits in different locations, namely, FEU Institute of Technology during Rappler’s senatorial debate, Shaw Center Mall, Pasay Rotonda Terminal, and Ayala Center Cebu.

FEU Institute of Technology
FEU Institute of Technology

Shaw Center Mall
Shaw Center Mall

Ayala Center Cebu
Ayala Center Cebu

During these visits, passers-by were asked to speak out about what they expect from their next President, as well as to reflect on the real value of their vote in a “confessional booth”.


In exchange, OLX gave away t-shirts, small canvas bags, and button pins with the campaign slogan.




On the digital sphere, OLX set up yaman.olx.ph/ibentamona for netizens who want to express their stand on responsible voting. It included a meme generator, “Nagbebenta ako ng ___, hindi ng boto”;

educational infographics on the roles of LGUs, the National Government, and the party-list system;

Local-Government-1200x866 (1)

as well as a poll that asked what issues they want the next president to prioritize.

On social media, OLX took up a partnership with Rappler for a conversation on “the value of your vote”.

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Thousands of people expressed their commitment in holding their integrity intact by participating in these spaces.

“It was important for us as a brand to take a stand on the election issue with objectivity. We wanted a space for people to realize the power each individual has over the entire nation,” said Sarah Buendia, OLX’s Content Marketing Officer.

“We wanted to do it in a fun way. Despite all the negative connotations of the election season, this campaign was a breath of fresh air as we called on people to become advocates of responsible voting,” Carlo Rosales, OLX’s Senior Marketing Officer, emphasized.


After all, the Philippines is a democracy–and in spite of all the differences in opinion, the best way to move forward is to unite through a common cause.

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