Winning Together for 10 Years: The Launch of OLX’s Culture Book

Winning Together for 10 Years: The Launch of OLX’s Culture Book

It’s quite astonishing that a decade has already passed since couple RJ and Arianne David established Sulit. It’s as if seeing someone grow up almost abruptly, that it’s a little bit bittersweet. It goes without saying that those who watched and participated in this growth cannot help but feel pride and admiration.


Conception, Ideation, and The Team

Arianne had the idea of a culture book brewing for a couple of years. In May 2016, a team comprised of two writers (Trisha O’Bannon and Chang Casal), an editor/creative director (Sarah Buendia), an all-around video producer (Mon Mendoza), a project manager (Timmy del Agua), a project head (Arianne David), and a producer/researcher (Erna Dimapilis) came together to work on the project. In July, they started to collect stories through in-depth interviews, unearthed photos and other memorabilia, and conducted discussions with different groups in the company. They later realized that the number of the stories were a bit difficult to compress into a coffee table book.

“I’ve always dreamt of having a culture book that I’m so happy it’s finally here. It was, to me, the best way to show my appreciation towards a company that made such a difference. I wanted everyone to remember how hard they worked, how much fun they had, and how many lives they’ve changed. I wanted to remember it as one of the best chapters in my life.” — Arianne David, Project Head


Finalization and Launch

In mid-August 2016, OLX partnered with IXM for the layout and art, OLX’s trusted partner agency responsible for the “Win Together” campaign.

In January, the Culture book entitled “Winning Together for 10 Years: The OLX Philippines Story” was finally printed. OLX launched it side by side the new office mural, “Pull”, mounted by renowned mural artist Egg Fiasco. The mural, like the book, represented both the history and the anticipation for what lied ahead in OLX’s future.

The culture book and video were both a success, that they even made some OLX members cry. They created an atmosphere of nostalgia, hope, camaraderie: three words that perfectly capture the passing of 10 fruitful years.

“The process of making the book is like being transported back in time. All sorts of different discoveries and good stories were dug. Saying that the process was fun is an understatement, really. It’s also nice that we were able to find the right partners for this project. And most importantly, I feel that this is the best way to seal the awesome first chapter of the company.” Timmy Del Agua, Project Manager

Tears were had and hugs were exchanged, but one thing was for sure: OLX created a culture akin to family, one that always cared for the growth and well-being of one another, and one that’s truly one for the books.