OLX Do It For Me Opens in Cebu

OLX Do It For Me Opens in Cebu

OLX Do It For Me was launched in Manila on June 2017 in an effort to create a hassle-free selling experience. Through our trusted OLX “Champs”, we helped sellers post their items for sale and find buyers without breaking a sweat.

After its success in Manila, OLX has decided to take the program to the south and give the Cebuano sellers the same winning experience.

With OLX DIFM in Cebu, Cebuano sellers now have the opportunity to sell their items by simply connecting with one of the OLX Champs. No need to take the time to post, negotiate, or meet up with buyers! It’s that easy!


How does OLX Do It For Me or DIFM work?

OLX Do It For Me - Steps 1 and 2OLX Do It For Me - Steps 3 and 4
  1. Request for A Champ. It all begins when you request for someone to help you sell. Our DIFM Coordinator will then schedule you to meet with a Champ. You may fill out the form at the end of this post if you’re interested in availing of this service.
  2. Tell the Champ What You Want Them To Sell.When you meet up with your champ, tell them what you want to sell and for how much. The Champ then takes photos of your item and posts an ad for you. That’s it. It’s your item but the Champ does all the work for you.
    * For individual sellers, you can ask to post up to 20 items for a minimal fee of P200. For small and medium businesses, you can ask to post up to 10 items for a minimal fee of P500.
  3. Champ Looks For A Buyer.The Champ posts your item(s) on OLX and starts looking for a buyer. When they get inquiries for your item, they’ll do all the talking, negotiating, and coordinating for you. If they get an offer that’s lower than the price you set or if they get a counter-offer, they will first consult with you.
  4. Champ Sells The Item And You Get Your Money’s Worth.When your Champ finds an offer that matches what you want, it’s their responsibility to meet up with the buyer. Afterwards, the Champ gives your earnings to you. The Champ will also collect a 3% commission (for individual sellers) and a 5% commission (for small and medium businesses) on all items sold. See tables below for the fees/commissions to be applied.


How much does DIFM cost?

When coming to collect your items for posting, the Champ will also collect a minimal fee for the DIFM service. If you are an individual seller, you will be charged P200 for up to 20 items posted. If you are a small or medium business, you will be charged P500 for up to 10 items posted.

Once the items have been sold, the Champ will then collect a commission. You may refer to the tables below:

For individual sellers:

Service fee: P200.00

Commission on sales: 3%

OLX DIFM Rates - For Individual / Personal Sellers


For small and medium businesses:

Service fee: P500.00

Commission on sales: 5%

OLX DIFM Rates - For Small and Medium Business Sellers

Exciting, right? Sign up through the form below or send an email to difm@olx.ph to start your journey with DIFM! 🙂

(Personal or your OLX account email address)