OLX Do It For Me: Everything You Need To Know

OLX Do It For Me: Everything You Need To Know

What is OLX DIFM?

DIFM stands for “Do It For Me.” It’s our new effort in creating a hassle-free buy and sell experience for our users.

We asked our community on what the usual challenges are when it comes to selling on OLX. Most of the feedback mentioned the following barriers:

  • Being too busy to post, negotiate, and meet up
  • Having to meet with strangers

We listened to your feedback and came up with DIFM to help you have more win-win transactions.

Through DIFM, we task trustworthy people from OLX called Champs to do the posting, negotiating, and meeting up for sellers for a fee.


How does DIFM work?*

  1. Request for A Champ.
    It all begins when you request for someone to help you sell. Our DIFM Coordinator will then schedule you to meet with a Champ. You may fill out the form at the end of this post if you’re interested in availing of this service.
  2. Tell the Champ What You Want Them To Sell.
    When you meet up with your champ, tell them what you want to sell and for how much. The Champ then takes photos of your item and posts an ad for you. That’s it. It’s your item but the Champ does all the work for you.
  3. Champ Looks For A Buyer.
    The Champ posts your item(s) on OLX and starts looking for a buyer. When they get inquiries for your item, they’ll do all the talking, negotiating, and coordinating for you. If they get an offer that’s lower than the price you set or if they get a counter-offer, they will first consult with you.
    In case the ads they post expire before they find buyers, if you want, they will Refresh them without any charge to you.
  4. Champ Sells The Item And You Get Your Money’s Worth.
    When your Champ finds an offer that matches what you want, it’s their responsibility to meet up with the buyer. Afterwards, the Champ collects a service fee and give your earnings to you.

*NOTE: For now, all transactions such as meeting with the Champ and discussing the item to be sold will be at the OLX Main Office at 40/F Unionbank Plaza, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center in Pasig City during business hours (9 am to 8 pm).


How much does DIFM cost?

You will only be charged if and when the Champ sells your item. We will charge Php 100 every Php 5,000 of item’s price. For items below Php 5,000, we will charge only Php 100.

The cost can be calculated via the following formula, wherein the cost is always rounded up to the next hundredth:

Cost of DIFM = 100 pesos x (Item price in pesos / 5,000 pesos)

Or you can also refer to the table below:

OLX Do It For Me - Price Range and Fees


How many items can I sell?

You can sell up to 10 items at any given time, as long as they follow OLX rules and policies.


Can I sell items in sets through DIFM?

Yes. Though do take note that your Champ might get offers for only portions of the set. Whether you take these offers or not is entirely up to you. You can adjust your price accordingly if this happens.


Is DIFM available to all?

At present, DIFM is still in its experimental stage. We’re only offering the service in Metro Manila for now.

NOTE: For those outside Metro Manila who will be buying from vlogger Anne Clutz, and/or tech blogger Gadget Pilipinas, you may ask a representative residing in Metro Manila to purchase the item on your behalf as long as they present an authorization letter and a valid ID. Our Champs will get in touch with you for full details.


Overall, you only have to remember these things:

  1. You are always in control.
    You say what item is sold. You set the price. You get to choose what offers to take. Everything else is taken care of by your Champ.
  2. You will only pay if your items are sold.
    The Champ’s job is to find a buyer for your item and sell it to them. You only pay them when they’ve done their job. No more and no less.


Where do I sign up?

We’re still trying out DIFM but you can already give it a try! To sign up, just fill out the form below and our DIFM Coordinator will get in touch with you.

(Personal or your OLX account email address)