OLX fully supports #UpgradePH and you should, too!

OLX fully supports #UpgradePH and you should, too!


Most of us had been witnesses to the changes that the smartphone has brought upon our increasingly fast-paced world. Would we have ever imagined, a couple of decades ago, that a tiny box could become so vital to landing a job, fulfilling our tasks, collaborating with other people, and even surviving the worst traffic?

Through the smartphone, our lives are now exposed to countless opportunities for learning, growing, and becoming better versions of ourselves. When used properly, it has created key movements, changing the way we see the world completely.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more and more Filipinos could share this pivotal moment in history?

This is what Upgrade Philippines, the biggest smartphone movement, envisioned when it started a revolution towards a more connected and smarter Philippines. The movement’s goal is to encourage Filipinos to upgrade to a smartphone with the intention of improving their lives, and to educate them about the important avenues that they could participate in once they did. And we at OLX, are all for it.

Upgrade Philippines launched the movement yesterday, September 30, at the Makati Diamond Residences. It was made possible through the support of its partners, OLX, Cherry Mobile, DOST-ICTO and Globe who each gave a talk highlighting the possible effects of a successful smartphone movement to the country in the following years. Attendees of the launch were then invited to be the first batch of ambassadors in getting people to support the cause.


“It aims to empower the Filipino nation to move towards technology and enjoy the benefits of mobile in its best capacity while improving their lives and helping strengthen our country’s economic progression.” encourages Me-Anne Bundalian, chairperson for Upgrade Philippines.

And indeed, a wider range of smartphone users prompts an embarkment of more challenges, for telcomm companies, developers and even the government to find solutions for.

Join us in our support towards a more connected and smarter Philippines. Visit upgradephilippines.com now and be part of a community that proactively finds ways to build a stronger foundation for a better future.

Choose to Upgrade your life, support #UpgradePH!