When OLX turned 10

When OLX turned 10

2016 is the year OLX finally hit double-digits.

True to its Pinoy roots, OLX Philippines celebrated its “10nniversary” by holding a week-long celebration with a fiesta theme.


The fiesta embodies the best of OLX as it is primarily about three things: food, merriment, and community. While the OLX office is generally a cheery place to be, it was especially festive during the 10nniversary. The office was decorated with a potpourri of things that gave the vibe of a Filipino fiesta such as the banderitas that hung from the ceiling or the little jeepney figurines that adorned the tables and the cake.

In every fiesta, there is always food. Food has always been and continues to be one of the things that has brought people in OLX together. The 10nniversary was no exception. OLX employees enjoyed a delightful week-long buffet of classic Filipino favorites such as pan de sal, puto, isaw, pork barbecue, pig’s ears, lechon and kare-kare.

Aside from the food, the office also saw a number of games that really brought the company together. From timeless games such as jackstone, sungka, plastic balloon contest, dampa, mystery box, and jack en poy. There were also lotteries and bingo games that had almost everyone in the office on edge every time results were being announced.


All the food and merriment only serve to facilitate the underlying base of what OLX stands for: community. As a company committed to building connections where everyone wins together, OLX aims to connect people into one big winning community. But it any noble endeavor begins at home.

As OLX co-founder RJ David said during the culminating event, he could not imagine what OLX would become 10 years ago and he is proud of what it has grown to be. OLX General Manager Giancarlo Bonsel built on his sentiment and said that he also does not know what will come in the next 10 years but what’s for certain is that OLX hopes to bring the same sense of community to every Filipino in every part of the country.