OLX Website Gets an Upgrade

OLX Website Gets an Upgrade

We’re kicking off the first quarter of 2017 with an OLX website upgrade! Below is a handy guide on the changes that we implemented in this update.


A fresh, new look

The new OLX website features a clean and fresh new design. The new design is really simple and easy on the eyes, which gives more focus on items being sold on OLX.

New OLX design gives more focus on items being sold

But it’s not all for show. In addition to the new look, we also made changes under the hood. What this means is we’ve made searching and filtering results faster.

Besides aesthetics, we had efficiency in mind. The new design will make managing ads more straightforward. Veterans of OLX For Business (or OFB) will find it familiar. With the new design, you’ll be able to boost ads on the go. All features are available, whether you’re on mobile or desktop. Size is never an issue because it’s responsive.

Boosting ads on OLX is easier with the latest update.

Finally, we’ve added a feature that will let you zoom in to ads better. Regardless of whether you’re in the Normal view or in Compact view, you’ll be able to see all the details.

Zoom in on ads with the new updates on the OLX website


Better security for buying and selling

We’re always proactively looking for ways to stay one step ahead in terms of security. That’s why we’ve come up with an easy but effective way to protect everyone.

Everyone will have to login to sell or buy on OLX. This ensures that everyone on OLX can be identified.

In a community where people know each other, there is a sense of integrity when people know they can be recognized. Through this, we build a community of trust.

Now that all OLXers need to login to browse and inquire on ads, sellers don’t have to worry about anonymous buyers. Buyers can easily contact any seller via the new and improved OLX chat, through SMS or call using the seller’s registered mobile number.

With this update, every transaction is linked to a specific account that will help us further in making OLX a place for safe transactions.

Don’t worry. Logging in is easy. Besides Facebook, you can also login via Google or directly through your OLX account. However, we recommend Facebook so you can have a nice profile photo on your OLX account. Doing so will help you show the community that you’re trustworthy.

OLX website update
Excited? Curious? Got questions? Email us at support@olx.ph and we’ll fill you in.