How to pack layers, not weight on backpacking trips

How to pack layers, not weight on backpacking trips

The “-ber months” mean two things: cold weather and vacation time. For a lot of people, vacation time is going on backpacking trips to cooler climes.

This is a great opportunity to play with your layers while seeing more of the world, but planes (and people’s backs) have weight limits, so how do you balance the two?

It’s a daunting task, but don’t worry. This guide can help you figure out what to pack on your next cold-weather trip, and help you find great deals for cheaper alternatives.

Tip 1: Pick a light bag

It’s hard to keep within the weight limits when your bag already takes up a huge chunk of it. You might also find yourself struggling when you’re already out sightseeing.

Save yourself the trouble and pick a lightweight bag with enough storage. Brands like Columbia, The North Face, and Osprey make hiking bags that have grown popular with backpackers.

These bags can be used under any weather condition and there are several padded compartments to keep your stuff safe on the road. They weigh around 3 to 5 lbs (or roughly 1.4 to 2.3 kg) so you’ll have enough allowance for the rest.

The downside is they cost a pretty penny (Columbia’s Trail Pursuit 40L Backpack costs $179, or almost 9,000Php, online).

Similar backpacks can be found on OLX for a fraction of the cost, and can do the job just as well. A Columbia 60L backpack, for example, can be bought for 2000Php, and one from The North Face is going for 3,500Php.

Tip 2: Pack a light, all-weather outer jacket

young asian woman backpacker taking photo with smartphone on mountain peak

Down jackets are the best for anyone planning on seeing the snow. A layer of waterproof fabric holds together clumps of down (the fine feathers under a bird’s exterior feathers) to form a warm and weatherproof piece of outerwear.

They are generally light because the materials don’t weigh as much. They are bulky though, so you can either carry them or sacrifice space in your bag.

Uniqlo’s Ultralight Down jacket is ideal. It will keep you warm and away from the elements, without all the bulk. It also comes with a small bag where you can keep it.

Down jackets from Patagonia, Columbia, or The North Face are also great, especially if you expect long treks or just weather problems in general.

You don’t have to break the bank for these, though. Any down jacket should do as long as it doesn’t take too much room and can roll or fold it without ruining the lining.

OLX has several deals like one from Mont Bell (2,500Php), Zara (4,590Php), and The North Face (2,500Php). They come at a fraction of the store prices, and work just as well.

Tip 3: Choose your layers well

High angle shot of men's winter clothes laid out on a dark wood floor. Items include, Sweater, Scarf, Gloves, wool Socks, Pants, Boots, belt, Knit Cap, Wallet, and Glasses. Horizontal Format.
It’s fun to layer during the cold season, but don’t think this means bulk.

Thermals are clothes that help you conserve body heat by releasing little of it. For tops, sleeves have different lengths and there are also leggings you can wear under your pants. They aren’t thick and heavy so you can pack a few, and you can always wear them more than once.

They come in different designs so you can pick and choose which works best for you. It is not that hard to find these since you can find them in stores like Marks and Spencer, Uniqlo, and Muji.

There are no hard and fast rules for packing for a backpacking trip during the “-ber months” so think of these as a guide to the basics for when you go shopping. But while it’s fun to hit the mall for this stuff, using websites like OLX will save you a lot of money that you can use on your trips.

Have fun on your next “-ber month” trip, and don’t forget to stay warm! Choose clothing options on OLX now.