Pets and Live Animals on OLX

Pets and Live Animals on OLX

To protect the interests of both buyers and sellers, ads and promotion of live animals on OLX will no longer be allowed after March 17, 2019. Screening and verifying the animals’ health and other papers are necessary to make the community feel safe. Validating these documents is beyond OLX’s scope of expertise.

What does it mean for buyers and sellers?
Existing ads of pets and live animals will still be searchable until their expiration, which is 28 days after they were posted. Likewise, new ads of live animals posted on or before March 17, 2019, will be available on OLX for 28 days.

How about pet accessories?
You can still post and promote ads of pet accessories on the OLX platform.

Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to visit our Help Center if you have concerns or questions.