Phishing Prevention Tips to Practice Online

Phishing Prevention Tips to Practice Online

We at OLX always encourage meeting up to avoid being ghosted by potential fraudsters online. As an added reminder, we also tell our users to refrain from doing overseas deals, and to keep exchanges local. But what should you do when the person you want to deal with is from miles away?

There are ways to keep safe even when communicating with buyers and sellers online. Phishing is an online criminal activity where scammers fish for personal information and make use of this information to hack into your personal and bank accounts.

To avoid being phished, it’s good to know some phishing prevention tips. Here we share with you a few of them.

  1. Refrain from doing deals through email.

Giving out your email can do potential damage to your account. Scammers tend to send you links that could look legitimate at first, but are actually attempts to hack into your account.

  1. Always check the sender of the email, and if in doubt, call the company.

Some scammers will pose as your bank and would ask you to give information. In turn, you provide them willingly, until you realize your mistake later on. A good way to avoid this is to check the url sender of the email and not just the name. You may realize that it’s different from the emails that are normally sent out by your bank. And if in doubt, there’s no harm in asking your local bank if they’ve sent such an email to you.

  1. Links with spelling mistakes are a big no-no.

Legitimate emails from banks are professional – meaning, they would definitely avoid spelling errors. If something looks wrong even if it were minor, do not click on a link in an email that is less than perfect in spelling.

  1. Be wary of downloading attachments.

Some attachments could be viruses waiting to be unleashed. Always be skeptical of emails and do not fall for dealers who urge you to do deals through email when there are other means of communication available.

  1. Watch out for messages that solicits urgency.

Scammers are always in a hurry. If the seller or buyer is honest about in their communication, they will be patient in closing a deal and would not pressure you into sending out money or an item.

  1. Do not give out financial details at all.

Especially if it’s coming from a stranger, chances are–they are fishing for how much money you have so they could target you as their next victim.

And as always, practice vigilance when dealing with anyone online.

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