Opportunity Is An Open Door: The Story of Cherry Ann Lindayag

Opportunity Is An Open Door: The Story of Cherry Ann Lindayag

Often, we don’t have the luxury of time or of choice. There are times that we have to seize whatever opportunities that come to us. However, this isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, how we respond to these situations actually help us find what we’re supposed to do. Such is the case of Cherry Ann Lindayag of Pinnacle Real Estate.

From Realpolitik to Real Estate

When she graduated, some of her batchmates were off to pursue further studies like med school or law school. Others meanwhile weren’t sure where they would go yet. As for Lindayag, she didn’t have the luxury of time.

Daughter of a single father, she had to find a way to help her family quickly. After graduation, she hit the ground running. Just barely out of the gates of academe, she applied for a job.

It just so happened that the first company she applied for was Pinnacle Real Estate. One interview later and Lindayag is hired on the spot. And so, the Political Science graduate from the University of the Philippines landed her first job working in real estate. Something she looks back to as a happy accident and a “blessing in disguise.” Now, Lindayag can’t imagine herself working in any other industry.

Pinnacle Real Estate does everything one can think of when it comes to real estate. From brokerage, property management, property services, title transfer, to documentation. Pinnacle covers everything from acquisition to disposition.

Watch the video below as Cherry Ann shares how she started (and stayed) in the real estate industry.

People Person

Despite being hired on the spot, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Lindayag. Soon enough, she had to make her first sale.

As such, Lindayag stresses how important it is to have a network when you work in real estate. After all, one finds leads and makes sales through a network.

“Kung wala kang network, wala, hindi mag-grow yung pagiging professional mo at hindi ka makikipag-grow bilang isang company. Hindi ka rin makaka-contribute dun sa company mo kung wala kang network na madadala.”

Fortunately for her, Lindayag says she takes pride in her being a sociable person which was a big help. And thanks to her work at Pinnacle, she was able to meet all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Opening Doors

Lindayag shares how she’s thankful for her work. While challenging, she says real estate is a very enriching industry to work in. More than the bottom line, she says it’s a great avenue for self-development. Besides all the people she’s met, Lindayag has also been able to travel thanks to her job. Through meeting all these people, she says she’s learned a lot and has grown much.

“I think being in the real estate industry is enriching yourself and fulfilling your individuality. So ano siya, ups and downs siya eh. Just like any other profession. Pero ang maganda sa kanya, bawat araw may nadadagdag na knowledge, and at the same time, meron kang na-a-achieve and nakikita mo yung accomplishments mo talaga.”

Every day contains a new surprise for her. Lindayag learns much from her clients, contacts, and colleagues. One such colleague taught her about how he once made a sale through Property24.

The willing learner that she is, Lindayag tried Property24 herself. Through Property24, she saw how properties got more inquiries thanks to its extensive reach. Lindayag compares Property24 to a door with successful deals on the other side. Like any door, it has to be opened for all the possibilities to be made real.




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