10 Quirky Home Accents Under Php 200

10 Quirky Home Accents Under Php 200

Sometimes, all it takes is one good accent piece to amp up your room’s décor. Set aside P200 and choose from these 10 design ideas:

1. Wall stickers


Also known as wall decals, the good quality ones can cost at least ₱1000. But, smaller ones can look cute and would cost less. They liven up any old boring wall by adding a touch of whimsy. Remember to use stickers designed to go on walls so you can easily remove them later on without damaging your paint. Spend ₱100-200 for smaller sized wall stickers that you can buy at bookstores or home decor shops.
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2. Rugs


Carpeting is not very practical in our dry, tropical weather. They can also be very expensive starting at ₱4,000 for the smallest carpet size. For a pop of color on your floor, just lay a small rug or a door mat in the middle of your living room or at the foot of your bed. There are many colors, textures and shapes to choose from that are available in home sections with prices starting at ₱100.
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3. Lamps


Desk lamps add lighting and design to a table. They’re also easy to incorporate into any room, because you don’t have to install fixtures unlike other types of lighting. Good quality lamps would cost at least double our budget limit when bought brand new, but secondhand lamps in fun styles can be found for under ₱200 from online sellers or vintage shops.
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4. Paintings


You don’t need to spend largely, you can also try searching for newer paintings by beginners sold in small galleries or indie art shops. Some art students might also be willing to part with practice works to buy themselves fresh canvases. Acrylic and oil paintings on canvas would be durable and look more expensive than their ₱100 price tags.
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5. Handicrafts


Quirky accents may very well mean handicrafts. Baskets, coconut shell lamps, and glass candle holders are examples of accents that can be both stylish and functional. Plus, you can even choose to have it customized to make it more exclusive for you!
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6. Planters


Repot your house plants into new planters instead of leaving them in their old clay pots. These eccentric planters can be almost anything from jars and boxes to old shoes and bags. As an idea, a generic brand mason jar would only cost ₱45 from online sellers.
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7. Bamboo poles


If keeping plants in the house is not a good idea for you, then incorporate nature into your home by decorating with bamboo poles. Get a few poles from a bamboo supplier or local furniture maker. Have them cut to your desired length and place them in a nice container like an existing “banga” or just tie them together to stand freely on their own. They would look great filling a corner or beside a window where they can cast interesting shadows. A six-foot pole ideal for your kid’s “tinikling” dancing would only cost ₱90.
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8. Easels


Make your space look more artsy in an instant with the addition of an easel. Use them to display paintings, framed photos, or even memo boards. It’s also an easy way to display art without putting holes in your walls. You can find small decorative easels for just under ₱200 in bookstores or art stores.
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9. Kid stools


Adult-sized chairs can be expensive, so if you’re not really looking for functional seating, then decorate with kiddie stools. Use them as an extra table, shelf or just an accent piece to tie a room design together. Small stools come in different designs and can cost only ₱100.
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10. Hooks


Ditch the usual metal or plastic hooks for more decorative ones. You can find these at crafty stores, Japanese budget stores or from online sellers. There are versions on vertical and horizontal frames, or those that are individual hooks. Find ones you like for under ₱200 for a set.
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