QUIZ: What sport should you play?

QUIZ: What sport should you play?

Getting tired and bored of working out at the gym? Improving your fitness doesn’t have to be a drab because the gym isn’t your only option. You can always try a new sport to keep an active lifestyle and do something exciting at the same time. If you’re undecided what sports you should try out, this quiz should help you find out what sport is made for you!

1. Are you competitive?

A. Yes, I am.
B. Definitely, I love competing.
C. Not really.
D. I’m a bit competitive.

2. Do you like playing a sport with a big team?

A. Yes! I love the team effort!
B. I prefer one-on-one competition.
C. Not really.
D. Kind of. I like winning with a team.

3. Which of these abilities are you value the most?

A. Agility
B. Strength
C. Balance
D. Speed

4. Which of the following sports movies would you like to watch?

A. Like Mike
B. Southpaw
C. Quicksilver
D. Against the Current

5. Do you like contact sports?

A. Kind of.
B. Yes, totally!
C. Not at all.
D. I’m not sure.

6. Which word best describes you?

A. Strategic
B. Strong
C. Focused
D. Flexible

7. For you, what’s the purpose of sport?

A. To make friends!
B. To win or test my limits
C. To experience an exciting journey
D. To improve one’s fitness

So which sport should you try?

If you answered:


You love being with a team and you’re comfortable with competition if it comes your way. You’re all about making friends with your fellow teammates. Your value for agility and strategy is a clear sign that you should grab a basketball and shoot some hoops!

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Mostly B’s: BOXING

You like one-on-one sports and you’re a highly competitive person. You hate losing because for you, playing sports is all about winning. You often come off as strong or aggressive, which is why boxing is made for you!

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Mostly C’s: BIKING

You’re not really one for the team because you like to play a sport that focuses on you alone. You like adventures and being balanced and focused. You like being in control of your pace, even in sports, which is why biking is the best option for you.

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Mostly D’s: SWIMMING

You like friendly competition but sometimes want solitude even in your choice of sports. It’s not about being a part of the team or winning. For you, playing sports serves more than one purpose. It is a journey, a test, a form of therapy, and a routine–like swimming, which is a fun and relaxing activity at the same time.

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