Rainy Day Essentials: How To Be Ready For The Rain

Rainy Day Essentials: How To Be Ready For The Rain

Nobody likes being stranded in the rain. A sudden downpour can make you late for work or ruin your plans for later in the day. This rainy season, don’t let the weather stop you. Here are some rainy day essentials to keep you safe and dry from the rain.


Umbrellas protect you on both sunny and rainy days.

Umbrellas protect you from almost any kind of weather. Whether it’s the blazing heat of the sun or a sudden downpour, umbrellas do the job.  Sometimes, the weather goes from sunny to rainy then back in the same day. If you make a habit of always bringing an umbrella, you generally don’t have to worry about the weather. 



Rain coats can protect you on the rainiest of rainy days.

Sometimes, an umbrella won’t be enough and you would need extra protection from the rain to stay dry. In the cold weather, an extra layer of clothing wouldn’t be a bother and a raincoat would be apt in shielding you from the rain.


Rain Boots

Rainy days can mean flooding. Rain boots can help you with that.

Heavy rain can cause floods, especially in the streets of Metro Manila. One way to protect your feet would be to use rain boots. Usually made with rubber, rain boots protect your feet from mud, puddles, and shallow floods.


Extra Clothing

Man running on a rainy day.

We all have experiences of being caught in the rain unexpectedly, leaving us drenched from head to toe. Sometimes, despite all our preparedness, the water still manages to seep in. Or sometimes, you can accidentally forget your umbrella or raincoat when rushing somewhere. Because of this, bringing extra clothes like socks, a shirt, or even pants can make a big difference. 


Waterproof bag

While generally used for hiking or for the beach, waterproof bags can be useful on rainy days too.

An umbrella won’t be able to cover everything, especially your belongings. A way to combat this is with a waterproof bag. While they’re generally used for the beach or for hiking, they’re also useful for generally keeping your things dry. They can be folded up in your regular bag. If you find yourself in a downpour, you can unfold it and put things like important documents, electronics, and other valuables inside to make sure they stay dry.