Fun Indoor Activities You Can Do In The Rainy Season

Fun Indoor Activities You Can Do In The Rainy Season

Rainy season got you down? Had entire plans to go out foiled by the fickle weather? Don’t worry because there are still plenty of ways to have fun indoors. Whether you want to exercise your mind or your body, there’s something fun to be done. With these activities, a little fall of rain can’t hurt you now.

Test Your Mental Mettle With A Room Escape Game

Enhance your deduction skills through one of the many room escape games in the Metro. Bring out the Sherlock in you in places like Mystery Manila, Breakout and The Escape Hunt. Through these games, you can immerse yourself in elaborate rooms that portray scenarios where you figure out puzzles and gather clues in order to emerge victorious. 

Jump your Heart into Better Shape At A Trampoline Park

Want to do insane athletic stunts like Spiderman? Try going to a trampoline park! Not only do you get to unleash the inner child in you, it’s also a workout. You can increase your cardio by jumping around with your friends.

Alternatively, you can also get your own trampoline for your home so you can jump around to your heart’s content.

Hit the Mark At An Indoor Archery Range

From hunting, to war, and then to contests of accuracy, archery is one of the oldest sports out there. According to, archery can build up strength and can also be a form of stress relief. Test your skills and enhance your hand-eye coordination by going to one of the many archery ranges.

Or maybe you can create an archery range in your own home. All you’ll need is a bow, some arrows, enough distance, and targets.

Explore Your Strategic Skills At A Board Game Cafe

Remember the days before smartphones were everywhere? In those days, one of the ways people could have fun was through board games. If you miss those days, then lucky for you because board game cafes have popped up all over the country. There, you can relive your childhood with old board games or experiment and try new ones. Many involve some surprisingly in-depth strategy that will stimulate your mind.

Alternatively, you could also buy board games for yourself. This way, you can have them on hand at home or bring them to parties for your friends and family.

Aim For The Top At A Climbing Center

Climb your way to a new hobby in an indoor rock climbing center. Challenge yourself as with each step you take, you take yourself to higher ground and progress more and more. Conquer your fear of heights and view the world from a higher perspective with indoor rock climbing.

Just because it’s the rainy season, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. What do you think of our suggestions? How do you normally have fun when it’s the rainy season? Let us know in the comments!