Taking Steps for a Greener World with OLX

Taking Steps for a Greener World with OLX

It is with fair warning that we become more aware of the effects of climate change, urging us to take actionable steps in figuring out ways to reduce carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is the product of the carbon emissions associated with an activity, an individual, or a group. One way to reduce this is by buying and using second-hand items from online classifieds platforms like OLX.

When buying second-hand items, we reduce the carbon footprint by extending the life of a product instead of buying a new one. It’s pretty simple.

Anyone can take part in saving the environment through the growing community of buyers and sellers. Every time one purchases a pre-owned item, the demand for manufacturing new items lessens, and therefore reducing trash as well.

“New products require burning fossil fuels and energy. They also come in special packages and are shipped from elsewhere. Every time a new product is produced, new materials are needed, fossil fuels are burnt and energy is used up,” explains Jem Baldisimo, an Environmental Scientist for the Marine Science Institute at the University of the Philippines.

Here’s a quick roundup of the environmental costs of popular items.

OLX Helps the Earth Win


Thinking of getting a new car? Keep in mind that emissions from manufacturing just one brand new car can power one house for a year. We would like to recommend for you to purchase a second-hand car with a friendly reminder to check that it’s also well-maintained.


According to data from the ASEAN Automotive Federation released last year, the Philippines continues to shape up as a robust market for motorcycles. With more motorcycles around, it becomes easier to find a second-hand and well-maintained unit.

Keep in mind that the amount of electricity needed to create a brand new motorcycle is equivalent to driving from Cabuyao, Laguna and back! Now, that’s a lot of energy you can save on top of thrilling rides you’ll experience with your pre-loved motorcycle.


Owning a laptop and mobile phone is essential these days. But there’s a way we can enjoy the benefits of these gadgets at a better price and help the environment too.

Itching to get that new laptop? Think twice. To produce at least 1 kg of a new laptop, about 12kg of fuel is needed. Since the average weight of most laptops is around 2.3kg, you can imagine how much energy is needed to produce a single brand new laptop.

Mobile phones have a similar story. A brand new high-end smartphone for example, result to an estimated whopping contribution of around 60 kg of carbon emissions. That’s comparable to driving from Manila to Dagupan, Pangasinan!


Whether you’re a seller or buyer of second hand items, this is a good exercise in helping through waste management and reducing overall carbon footprint.

“Living in a generation of purpose-seekers spells excitement for our brand. With this challenge, we want to encourage our buyers and sellers to continuously take part in strengthening a community that works collectively towards helping the environment. Through the simple act of repurposing goods, we allow our community members to involve themselves in a cause that transcend a transaction’s utility,” shares Jean Magboo, Head of Marketing of OLX Philippines.

With thousands of quality second-hand listings on the platform, you can definitely start doing your part in helping out the environment and fight against climate change.

Start your journey towards a cleaner, and greener planet. Visit or download the OLX app to jumpstart your winning environment-friendly transactions!