RE/MAX Capital: Seizing Opportunities In The Real Estate Industry

RE/MAX Capital: Seizing Opportunities In The Real Estate Industry

No matter what your background, with the proper mindset and the right tools anyone can succeed in real estate. Juan Patag and Charles Lejano of RE/MAX Capital can attest to this.

After working for a bank for 5 years, RE/MAX Capital President Juan Patag wanted more out of life. That’s why he decided to put up his own company. After one fateful phone call from a friend who wanted to start a business, Patag moved to the world of real estate. In 2014, the RE/MAX Capital franchise was born.

A year later, RE/MAX Capital Director Charles Lejano, then working at a law firm, came on as an of counsel for them. He shares how he come from a family with a background in real estate. Seeing the gains to be had in real estate, Lejano jumped on board RE/MAX capital full time with his legal expertise in tow.

That’s how these gentlemen got into RE/MAX Capital.

RE/MAX Capital is a franchise under RE/MAX Philippines. Each RE/MAX office is independently owned and operated.


Diverse Backgrounds, One Goal

RE/MAX Capital Team

Patag and Lejano share how their previous field have been of help to them. They’re joined by other lawyers and bankers who use their insights and experiences in helping the company grow.

Besides them, they share that there’s also a “rockstar and a prominent fashion designer” are also onboard.

Despite their diversity, they all somehow found themselves working in real estate and succeeding to boot.

Patag attributes this success to how beyond selling properties, they’re in the business of training brokers. Lejano adds how building people up in brokerage has been one of the most satisfying parts of the job.

“It’s being able to inspire these people who come onboard, who join RE/MAX Capital. Makikita mo, after a while they get the hang of it. They’re selling and they’re happy with their lives. You give yourself a pat on the back na may ginawa kang tama,” he shares.


The Property24 Advantage

Since RE/MAX Capital started out in 2014, Property24 has played a role in its growth.

Patag shares a time when he realized they had not uploaded some items on their inventory on Property24. After uploading, they suddenly got more inquiries, according to Patag.”I can definitely say we did get a lot of viewings or listings out there simply because we have the properties advertised on Property24,” Patag adds.

According to Patag, anyone who wants to succeed in the real estate business needs to get their name on the top websites. For him, relying on classifieds on newspapers alone isn’t enough. Because of this, Juan recommends signing up for top websites like Property24.

Beyond this, Lejano also recommends Property24 because it allows you to view reports on which of your listings are performing well. He says this allows him to help his associates strategize and focus on specific properties.

Because of this, Patag says he’s definitely going to continue his partnership with Property24 as RE/MAX Capital continues to grow even bigger and better.

So for those thinking of going into real estate, Lejano says it can be very rewarding. “I’ve always wanted to have my own business and I get to do it now with some of my good friends and I’m seeing that personally, I am able to take myself to another level that I would not have been able to do kung hindi ako lumundag dito sa RE/MAX Capital,” he shares.

Patag’s advice for aspiring brokers? “Get your name on the top sites like Property24.”




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