Removal of Smart Pricing for Paid Limits

Removal of Smart Pricing for Paid Limits

We have recently removed the Smart Pricing for paid limits (when you’ve used up all your free ad slots) and have set flat fees for different categories regardless of the price of the item being sold.


Why did we do this?

  • Fair play for all. Since Smart Pricing, many sellers have falsely set their items at a cheaper price to pay less than the actual price of their ad slot. The price of the item also misleads the buyers.
  • Foolproof experience for all. We wanted to make the pricing for ad slots consistent and easier to budget, especially for the new users.

Please click here to get the updated pricing for all the categories.


What are your options?

No worries! You may still avail of the Ad-Posting Packages so you can post more ads for less. Save up to 25% when you buy in bulk than when you buy per ad slot at P100 each. Plus, these packages are also consumable for a longer period of time.

NOTE: You can still post ads for FREE on OLX. The only time you’ll be asked to pay to post is when you’ve used up all your free ad slots. You can check the number of free ad slots per category here.

Here is the price list of the Ad-Posting packages for Buy and Sell Categories*:

Ad-Posting packages for Buy and Sell Categories


*Ad-Posting Package prices apply to the following Buy and sell categories: Mobile Phones and Tablets, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Pets and Animals, Home and Furniture, Health and Beauty, Clothing and Accessories, Books, Sports and Hobbies, and Baby Stuff and Toys