Things You Can Sell When You Welcome The New Year

Things You Can Sell When You Welcome The New Year

Christmas has finally come and gone. When it comes to Christmas, people often think of decorations, Noche Buena, and of course, gifts. After all, people treat December as the “season for giving.” Something about the season just makes people more generous. However, sometimes people get overzealous with gift-giving that their recipients get gifts that while thoughtful, don’t get used.

In some cases, instead of letting these items sit around unused, maybe it would be better to sell them. Don’t get us wrong. Many of the things we mention here can be thoughtful gifts. In fact, we suggest selling these items so they might end up with someone who can fully appreciate them.

With that, make some space for this year’s new batch of gifts or start preparing for the New Year by decluttering. Here are some items to sell that you may have accumulated over Christmases over the years.


Novelty Items

Novelty items bring out the child in all of us. With their strangeness and unusual nature, novelty items bring the laughs. At the very least, they make good conversation pieces. These can be fidget spinners, oddly-shaped clocks, bobbleheads, magic-8 balls, or lighters shaped like random objects.

Like the name implies, novelty comes from novo, which is Latin for “new.” However, not all new things stay new. Eventually, the novelty wears out and you’re left with an item that’s not very practical.

Things to sell on OLX - Novelty items like fidget spinners or bobbleheads

Some novelty items actually prove useful. However, others are just toys that one grows tired of. Fortunately, novelty items retain their charm in the hands of someone new. What’s old to one person is new to another. That’s why if you have any novelty items, you can easily sell them on OLX. Not only will you be clearing space in your home, you’ll also be passing on that same experience of novelty you once had with the item.


Clothes That Don’t Fit Anymore

When it comes to gifts, people generally go for clothes. They’re generally practical and useful, as long as they’re the right size. Sometimes though, the receipt goes missing and you have a pair of jeans or a shirt that’s too big or too small.

Things to sell on OLX - clothes that don't fit

Ill-fitting clothes can also pile up over the years when one outgrows them. Fortunately, as easy as they can serve as gifts, clothes can easily be sold on OLX. Plenty of people already go to OLX to get preloved pieces of clothing and creating great outfits for any season. If you have clothes you don’t wear anymore, you just found yourself items to sell.


Books Nobody Reads

Are you one of the people who has plenty of books but doesn’t read them? The Japanese have a phrase for that. They call it “tsundoku.” The writer Umberto Eco says it’s alright to have a library of books one might never read. For him, it serves as a humbling reminder that there will always be more than what one knows. If you’re not a big fan of building what he calls an “anti-library” though, why not sell them?

Things to sell on OLX - old books or unread books

Maybe your relatives bought you books in the past because you’re a bookworm who once devoured books voraciously. Perhaps you’ve been amassing books but never really quite found the time to read them. Or maybe you just have leftover books from the time you were once obsessed over a certain topic or genre. Whatever your reason, books don’t do much good by gathering dust on shelves. They would be better off being sold on OLX to people seeking to grow their own libraries.

Take a hard look at your books. Which ones do you really plan to read? Do you have multiple copies of the same book because a relative gave it as a gift but didn’t know you already had a copy? Do you have books you think have served their purpose in your life and you think can move others in a similar way? Perhaps these books are items to sell.


Items From An Old Hobby or Habit

People like to say it’s never too late to start something new or pick up something you’ve stopped. Senior citizens run triathlons. Middle-aged blue collar workers study law. Perhaps this is why some relatives like to give hobby items as gifts. Maybe you’re a former athlete or musician who no longer has time to play. Or maybe some relatives were trying to get you into crochet or knitting, but it just wasn’t you.

Things to sell on OLX - items from an old hobby or habit

From music, to sports, to collecting figurines, there are countless hobbies out there. If some didn’t work out, then that’s fine. Even if you have plenty of unused hobby items lying around. These are items to sell. Many people go on OLX to find hobby items. You can help them out!

These are just some of items you may have lying around the house. You can also check out our article on things Filipinos tend to hoard for a list of things you can watch out for when decluttering. With all the things we get every Christmas, it pays to make room by letting go of what’s no longer necessary. Especially with the new year coming, letting go helps one welcome the year with more focus.

So take a look around the house. What are your items to sell in preparation for the new year?