Spotting a Fake: Designer Bag or Class A?

Spotting a Fake: Designer Bag or Class A?

Sometimes the occasion calls for a treat to yourself. And we get it: a designer bag is a total boost in confidence and sense of achievement. It could add an instant flair to your outfit and make you feel like a total queen. But like things fit for a queen, brand new designer bags are extremely expensive, so trying your luck on secondhand ones on OLX totally makes sense.

What might not make sense is of course, when you realize in the end that what you got is a fake. So here are some reminders on how to spot a genuine designer bag from a class A when you eye that Chanel deal on OLX.

1. Research on the bag’s features: Everything should be polished and intact.

If you have the time, visit the official store and check out the brand-new version. Get to know it well by familiarizing yourself with the weight, the placements of the logo, if it includes any charms and other attachments. When you meet up with your OLX seller, make sure everything is there and in good condition.


2. Workmanship is key: Check the seams, the stitches, and the pockets.

It should go without saying that what makes a designer bag expensive is how much work was put into it. Nitpick on the littlest of details. Obviously, if the stitches aren’t aligned or the seams are somehow glued together, chances are high that it’s a fake.  And girl, you deserve nothing but the flawless.


3. If the price is too good to be true, it is!

Here’s another dead giveaway: If the price is too low for a so-called ‘designer bag,’ then it probably is a fake. Familiarize yourself with the real price of the item. Designer bags are expensive for a reason. They are produced as quality work. If you’re paying for a cheap bag, then that’s probably what you’re gonna get.


4. Ask the seller if it’s real, a copy, or a fake. Be confident in asking.

One way to tell if a bag is genuine or fake is not by the item, but by the person selling it. Just be upfront and confident. The more confident you are, the more likely it is that they tell you the truth or they flinch at the thought of lying to you. It’s up to you to believe them, and how well you can tell by their body language if they’re telling the truth.


5. It’s all in the zipper.

You can tell a lot by a bag’s zipper. A designer bag would most definitely have a high-quality zipper that has its logo. Make sure that it opens and closes smoothly, too. A bag with a gold zipper should have gold buckles in the same tone, unless the mismatched design was deliberate. Fading does not indicate a fake as many brands use plated brass—a very durable metal suited for plating. Gold-plated hardware looks a bit dull or almost silver in certain lighting. It shouldn’t be a very shiny yellow.


6. Packaging is important!

When buying luxury bags on OLX, be wary of those wrapped in cheap plastic or with the handles covered in plastic. Ask your seller if they have the original packaging, which may include the care card, the authenticity card, and a dust bag.

Never fall for a Class A posing as a Designer bag when you keep these tips in mind! For more tips on how to always have a win-win transaction on OLX, visit the Cybersecurity website.

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