Starting a new sport (and how much it will cost)

Starting a new sport (and how much it will cost)

Having a sport is one of the best ways to getting fit and healthy. Not only do most sports workout almost the entire body, the competitive nature of sports motivates one to do their best. There are plenty of sports that build endurance, strength, and proper posture.

Starting a sport doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here we look at some sports and how much the bare essential equipment for these sports might cost as of writing:

1. Running

Cardio runner running listening smartphone music. Unrecognizable body jogging on ocean beach or waterfront working out with heart rate monitor app device and earphones in summer.

Running is arguably the base of all other sports. Most sports involve running in their training regimens.  It doesn’t really require anything other than a good pair of shoes and clothes one can move freely in. What’s even better is that shoes and athletic attire are practically usable in almost every other sport.

Running shoes on OLX can range from as low as P400 to more than P5,000. Athletic attire isn’t necessary but it would be best. Athletic shirts and singlets can cost from P100 to P1,500. Shorts cost from P200 – P1,500 range. Jogging pants meanwhile range from as low as P50 to over P1,000.


2. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most loved sports in the Philippines. Some people would even play in nothing but their sandals, shorts, and a makeshift net.

While you can use most types of footwear basketball, it’s best to use basketball shoes for ankle support. All the jumping and maneuvering puts a strain on ankles and shoes with good support can help prevent injury.

On OLX, basketball shoes go from P400 to P9,000 based on factors such as size availability, brand, and shoe rarity. A basketball meanwhile costs from P1,200 to P2,500. However, since basketball is a team sport, it’s easy to find other people to share with.

3. Football and futsal


Another sport that is fairly popular in the country is football and its indoor variant, futsal. These sports are great for developing cardio and balance because of all the running and kicking involved.

Football and futsal require shoes with cleats for better stability. Football shoes range from P1,000 to P5,000 while futsal shoes cost from P750 to P3,000 depending on size availability and brand.

Like basketball, it’s a team sport and so the ball can be shared. A football (or “soccer ball”) costs from P400 to P1,900 while a futsal ball costs around P400.


4. Martial arts


For those looking for a little more aggression, there are sports that are based on martial arts. For those who are into striking, one can look into boxing, muay thai, karate, and tae kwon do. There are also lesser-known martial arts such as capoeira, jeet kune do, and yaw-yan (Sayaw ng Kamatayan).

Most striking martial arts can be studied without the need for equipment other than athletic attire so that one can freely move. Some will require uniforms however such as karate (gi)  and tae kwon do (dobok). A full uniform costs around P700 to P1,200. Boxing, muay thai, and yaw-yan might require the use of hand wraps and gloves to protect one’s hands when punching heavy bags. Hand wraps cost from P100 to P700 while gloves cost from P500 to over P5,000 depending on brands and designs.

For those who prefer grappling, they can choose to learn judo, aikido, or Brazilian jiujitsu. While there are differences, the three use similar uniforms (keikogi) and range from P700 to P4,000.


5. Weapon-based martial arts

Thessaloniki, Greece, Oktober18 2015: Demonstration by men and women faculties of Japanese traditional martial arts, judo, karate, aikido, kendo

Some martial arts are better known for the weapons incorporated into their systems. Arnis (aka eskrima or kali), kendo, and kenjutsu are just a few examples of this.

Arnis schools primarily teach single and double stick patterns (solo and doble baston) which makes use of a wooden stick. The prices of sticks range from P15 to as much as P1000 depending on the material.

Kendo and kenjutsu meanwhile are Japanese martial arts that make use of swords made of bamboo slats (shinai) that can be bought for P1,500 – P3,000 or wood (bokken) which cost P1,500 to P2,000. They both use keikogis as uniform. On top of this, kendo requires the use of protective armor (bogu) as training entails full contact strikes. The armor costs around P3,500.

6. Biking

Biking is another sport that many use as serious exercise. It also boasts the advantage of probably being one of the most useful as being able to bike well means one has an alternative to walking, taking public transport, or driving.

Given the unpredictable nature of roads in the country, a mountain bike offers the most versatility. A mountain bike on OLX costs from between P2,000 to over P40,000. Any attire would probably do as long as it doesn’t restrict movement. However, a helmet is vital for safety. Helmets cost from P550 to P5,000.


7. Swimming

Swimming is as one of the best exercises because it works out the whole body with little risk of injury. The ability to swim is also an excellent life skill as it can spell the difference between drowning and surviving.

Besides a swimming pool, all one really needs is appropriate swimwear. On OLX, swimwear for both men and women go from as low as P200 to over P1,000.

Ready to play? Sell your old stuff on OLX and take on the challenge of trying out a new sport!