Summer Beach Essentials Under Php 200 On OLX

Summer Beach Essentials Under Php 200 On OLX

It’s been one blazing summer so far and it’s not over yet. With 4 weeks left in the summer season, you still have a chance to get some fun under the sun. In case you haven’t yet, then then we highly recommend you make those vacation plans and pack your bags fast. And when you pack your bags, don’t forget the following summer beach essentials:

#1: Sunblock

Sunblock, sunscreen - Summer Beach Essentials
Many make the mistake of forgetting to include sunblock as their summer essential. Sunblock doesn’t just make you less dark after going under the sun, but it protects your skin, too.

The price of sunblock on OLX starts at P150.


#2: Bikinis and Trunks

Bikinis and Trunks - Summer Beach Essentials
Planning to head out for a swim and in need of swimsuits? There are lots of options under P200 that may be very well to your liking: one-piece, two-piece, high waist, neoprene, and more!

The price of bikinis and trunks on OLX starts at P100.


#3: Summer Dress

Summer Dress - Summer Beach Essentials
You’d want something light and breezy once summer rolls around. This could be a go-to outfit for hanging out and chilling, or even while camping out and roasting marshmallows with your best buds.

The price of summer dresses on OLX starts at P100.


#4: Beach Shorts

Beach Shorts - Summer Beach Essentials
Jeans? To the beach? We think not! Beach shorts are a must-have this summer. They’re cool, they come in different colors, and they are more water-and-sand-friendly than your normal maong shorts.

The price of summer dresses on OLX starts at P150.


#5: Flip-flops

Flip flops - Summer Beach Essentials
One thing you can’t forget when going out for a swim or camping out this summer are flip flops! This summer essential is the best footwear for the summer, as they keep your feet cool and are easy to take off.

The price of flip-flops on OLX starts at P150.


#6: Sunglasses

Sunglasses, shades - Summer Beach Essentials
To protect your eyes, include shades as a summer essential! You’d also look a lot less awkward in photos when you’re not squinting from the bright sunlight.

The price of sunglasses on OLX starts at P100.


#7: Hats

Hats - Summer Beach Essentials
Protect your head and hair from drying out under the heat, and look fabulous while you’re at it! Hats are a great fashion statement nowadays, completing any summer outfit.

The price of hats on OLX starts at P150.


#8: Rash Guard

Rash Guard - Summer Beach Essentials
If you’re planning to try out surfing, snorkeling or any other water sport, this versatile essential is something you’d want to have in your bag. If you’re not big on swimsuits or exposing your skin in a bikini, rash guards are also good alternative to wear to the pool!

The price of rash guards on OLX starts at P100.


#9: Pool Floats

Pool Floats - Summer Beach Essentials
Throwing a pool party with your friends? How about some fun pool floats to add in the mix? Relax by the poolside, at the lake, or at the beach with these floaters.

The price of pool floats on OLX starts at P95. 


Did we miss any of your favorite summer essentials? Share with us in the comments below! 🙂