3 Easy Ways To Care For Your Skin This Summer

3 Easy Ways To Care For Your Skin This Summer

After a few months of cool air, summer has come once again. While it’s generally fun, the heat can take a toll on your body. Especially on the skin. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for summer skin care.

Because your skin is the most exposed part of your body, it’s going to take the brunt of the sun and the dryness or humidity. You’ll have to take extra precautions to keep it from getting too damaged.

Of course, you’ll have to tailor your routine, but there are still basics that can help in the long run.


Tip #1: Stay hydrated.

Summer Skin Care: Staying hydrated is a natural way of keeping your skin healthy.

Because it’s summer, dehydration is almost a given. As long as it’s hot, you’ll sweat and it’ll take a toll on your body. You’ll risk having a heatstroke, feel exhausted easily, and your skin will start drying up and lose its elasticity.

Make sure to drink enough water—preferably more than 8 glasses—and replace any electrolytes you lose. A water container will come in handy for those times you have to brave the heat. While an insulated jug is better at keeping your water colder for a longer period of time, any will do.


Tip #2: Adapt to your environment.

Summer Skin Care: The heat can cause lips to crack. Use a chap stick to remedy this.

In the Philippines, hot weather can either be dry or humid, and your body may react differently depending on which one.

When the air is dry, water is likely to leave your body, leaving your skin flaky. You’ll need to apply moisturizer or any moisturizing lotion, especially to your elbows, knees, knuckles, and any other spots you feel need attention. Use lip balm to prevent chapping on your lips.

You will also need to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells that prevent your skin from absorbing more of the products. Finally, if you’re feeling particularly dry, try using a facial mist: they leave your skin fresh without creating films that block pores.

On the other hand, humidity can leave your face oilier, making you more prone to breakouts. Dirt and grime stick to the oil so you need to use a gentle cleanser to remove that without taking off a layer of skin.

If your skin is oily, you might want to use a face mask to really get rid of remaining dirt. Finally, apply moisturizer, but try not to put too much on the T-zone (it’s the area going from your nose to your forehead).


Tip #3: Protect your skin and deal with any damage.

Summer Skin Care: Make sure you get sunblock with a high SPF rating.

Summer is a great time to chill, but skin damage can take the fun out of the break.

Always wear sunscreen, and pay attention to areas that are frequently exposed like your nose, neck, and even your arms. Choose the waterproof and long-lasting kinds, but always re-apply as needed. There are even products you can apply to your scalp to keep it healthy despite the sun.

The other part of preventing damage is wearing the right clothes. Wear a cap to keep your face under the shade and sunglasses with UV protection. If you wear eyeglasses, ask stores if they can give lenses to block the rays.

If you do suffer from damage, use soothing balms or creams—preferably those with aloe vera—to heal your skin.

We hope you find our simple yet effective summer skin care tips useful. Do you have your own tips you’d like to share? Comment away! 🙂