Tell us your #BilibMoment for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6!

Tell us your #BilibMoment for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S6!

All of us have moments we want to capture forever: A great sense of accomplishment, a major milestone, an unexpected surprise. It is uplifting to realize that these experiences actually come every so often, no matter how small, and they play a huge part in our lives.

At OLX, we’re all about these moments. We love to say “Biliba!” when someone finally gets that dream car, see their child graduate from preschool, or even just succeeding at their first attempt at baking. Because of that, we want to acknowledge these moments by encouraging our users to post their own #BilibMoments.

And what better way to celebrate them but with a chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy S6? 🙂

To join, simply follow the mechanics below:

OLX Sinulog Instagram_Mechanics


This promo is open to Cebuanos AND ALL attendees of Sinulog this January 2016. Just make sure to be there during the awarding night!

Don’t miss the chance to be one of three lucky winners! Post your #BilibMoment on Instagram now and let the whole world celebrate with you.