The wise shopper’s three-month rule

The wise shopper’s three-month rule

Less than sixty days before Christmas and everyone is already very excited…especially Filipinos. Christmas carols can be heard and Christmas decors can be seen just about anywhere in the metro. While our neighbors see our anticipation a tad bit too much, there is an advantage in being ahead of the Christmas game – and that is being first in line for the cashier, of course! There is no point denying that ’tis the season to give and receive gifts, especially when the kids are young and still expecting that fat, jolly man in red to stuff their stockings silly.

However, a seasoned shopper would know that as the twelfth month comes to a close, consumer demand engulfs supply. People are suddenly eager to leave their houses, flock to the malls and shop, shop, shop ’til they drop! Put aside that fear of being suffocated in your favorite mall, though, and bear in mind the wise shopper’s three-month shopping rule: A pen in October, a purse in November, a pocket in December.

A pen in October. When October comes rolling in, the wise shopper lists down what needs to be bought, where to buy it and how much the budget is. Yes, just like when grocery shopping! That way, one can avoid overspending while in a store and when caught up in the moment. The month is almost coming into an end, so now is the perfect time to ask yourself: Have you made your list and checked it twice?

A purse in November. Simply put, buy most if not all items that you need in November. To be able to choose properly (and make the most out of the whole shopping experience), the wise shopper avoids rushing around and about. The wise shopper will choose to buy items that need be bought bits and pieces at a time, when there is time: while waiting for traffic to become lighter, while killing time before a meeting or a movie, while in between running errands. Discounts and sales are not something that would be automatically considered, especially if quality is compromised. This leads us to…

A pocket in December. While it is prudent to do our shopping in November, there are just some sales we cannot let pass us by. Whether it is about brand preference or a really good investment, the wise shopper is mindful of his pocket and makes sure that whatever was saved for the past two months is not spent in one go.  Keeping an eye out for bargains is always good, but what’s inside one’s December pocket should mostly be used only for emergencies or the wise shoppers’ early investment for the following year.
If you think that three-month rules apply only in romantic relationships, think again! Always remember this three-month rule and watch as your relationship with your inner shopper grow stronger and definitely, well, wiser. Happy shopping!

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