Top 10 Things to Sell on Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Things to Sell on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is just within Cupid’s aim! In a few days, hearts will fly and love will bloom. Whether you’re planning a nice romantic date with your loved one, spending the day with friends, or just spending a nice, quiet time at home, take advantage of this season by checking out our list of most in-demand items on Valentine’s Day or during the love month.

Earn a few extra bucks for your night out (or in) by selling some of these items on OLX. Surely, it won’t be a bitter night when buyers start contacting you for some win-win exchanges.


Top 10 In-Demand Items During Valentine’s:

#1: Personalized Gifts

If you’re a crafty person, this is your chance to show off those skills by offering personalized items! Couple shirts, gift boxes, hand-painted cards are quite a hit at this time of the year. If you don’t mind painting hearts and arrows for a little while, this is something that you should look into!



#2: Homemade Goods

Everyone’s a little sweeter in February, so why not show off your baking skills by selling some baked goodies? Cookies, pastries, and cakes are always a go-to gift on Valentine’s! They’re fun to give not just to love interests, but for moms, dads, siblings, and friends as well.



#3: Plants and Flowers

Why not go with the good ol’ flowers? Not everyone admits it, but a lot of people still appreciate getting flowers and nice plants on Valentine’s day. And of course, when guys couldn’t think of anything to give — this is an instant idea!



#4: Gadgets and Accessories

Some people just give far grander gifts than others, so it’s your chance to take advantage of that! Got gamepads, mobile phones, drones or action cameras lying around? Now’s the perfect time to sell them on OLX!



#5: Stones, Watches, and Jewelries

Novelties are always in-demand during this time, and if you have some that you no longer use, imagine how much you can earn from them now! Surely you’ll make someone happy, too.



#6: Perfumes and Scents

People love getting fragrances in February. There’s just something in the air! Help someone get hugged by selling scents on OLX. If you have scents and oils, those are perfect for the occasion, too!



#7: Stuffed Toys and Pillows

Not only are these great gifts for sweethearts, these can be in-demand for people who just need a good hug!



#8: Services such as Harana, Spa, Car Rental, Travel/Booking Arrangements

Help someone treat their special loved ones to a romantic experience of a lifetime! Offer your services at special Valentine’s packages.



#9: Balloon Arrangements

Hearts will be flying, and so will balloons! Offer your balloon arrangement services on OLX. Nothing spells L-O-V-E than fluffs on strings and sticks!



1o. Pets

Couples love taking their relationship to the next level on Valentine’s, so why not sell pets on OLX to help them out? Not only will you find the little ones a new home of love, you’ll earn from it and make couples happy, too!

Want to go the extra mile? Offer your products with shipping or delivery! Couples love surprises during Valentine’s, and that’s one surefire way to get them to avail of your items/services!