Tips for prolonging your phone’s battery life

Tips for prolonging your phone’s battery life

Because of the capacity of smartphones to do several tasks at the same time, their batteries can get drained fairly quickly. And if you’re a user who lives on your phone, that probably means being low batt even before lunchtime. When you’re tired of having to charge your phone every couple hours and bringing a heavy power bank with you all the time, then take better care of your battery with these simple tips:


Keep cool


It’s never a good thing if your phone overheats. That takes a toll on your battery so it no longer performs as well as it should. A phone would heat up if you’re doing an intensive process on your phone like surfing the net, taking a call or playing a game. Keep it cool by avoiding doing these processes for hours on end. You can also take it out of places where it could get too warm like your pocket, bag, or in a case.


Avoid zero %


Don’t let your battery go all the way to 0%. This not only degrades the battery faster, but makes it dangerous to recharge. When it gets somewhere between 10% to 40%, then it’s already time to plug it in. Similarly, don’t leave your phone charging when it already reached 100%. The battery could overheat, which shortens its lifespan. Know how long it takes for your battery to fully charge so you can set an alarm as a reminder.


Push notifications


Push notifications can come from any app, but the most common are for mail, messaging like WhatsApp and Viber, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re quite popular, you get these notifs every few minutes. But unless it’s of utmost importance for you to receive them in real time, just switch to manual or aggregate notifications.


Saving mode


Turn off your WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. Some phones allow you to do this by going to power saving mode. If possible, just switch to flight mode, especially if you won’t be able to take calls or check your messages anyway (i.e., driving, in a meeting, taking a break). In addition, don’t rely on third-party apps that claim to boost battery life with different modes. These have been proven to not be very effective and even adds to your list of running apps.


Lower brightness


Unless necessary, turn off automatic brightness and decrease your brightness until it’s still comfortable for you to read your screen. You might simply have gotten used to a very bright screen, and you’d be surprised at how readable a dimmer screen could be. Also, keep the screen timeout short. Change your settings so that your phone would go to sleep in seconds when unattended as opposed to 30 minutes.


Buy original


Most accidents involving phone batteries occur because of cheap replacement batteries and chargers. These counterfeits are not meant to last long and are manufactured with less care. Using them could result not only in poor battery life, but also explosions and fires.

Taking extra good care of your phone’s battery is not only economical, but also highly encouraged for ecological purposes. Electronic waste or e-waste contain hazardous materials such as lead, beryllium, mercury, cadmium, and chromium that pose occupational and environmental health threats.

Minimize battery spendings and help save the environment by keeping these tips in mind! Share this story to let all your friends know.