Tips For Safe Online Buying and Selling

Tips For Safe Online Buying and Selling

Buying and selling online can be very satisfying. Not only do you get to find something of value and unique, the experience is usually something worth telling. Hopefully, it’s always a good one. Here are some buying and selling tips to make sure you have a win-win exchange, avoiding troubles and scams along the way.

Cybersecurity Tips for Online Buyers

You think you and an item you found on OLX are meant to be, so now it’s time to start asking the real questions. Once you hit “Contact Seller,” here’s what to do next:

Buyer Tip #1: Interested in an item? Ask the seller lots of questions!

Legit sellers would usually answer quickly and confidently. Here are some suggested questions you might want to ask:

  • Is the item still available?
  • What is the item’s condition?
  • Why are you selling the item?
  • Are you available to meet up?
  • Specific questions about the item – where it was bought, how old it is, the specs, etc.

If these questions were answered with confidence, chances are, you have found the right seller!


Buyer Tip #2: Pics or not legit: Ask for more actual photos of the item.

Legit sellers on OLX would have their item in hand or within reach, so asking them for additional photos shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t be afraid to ask for more! Be more specific if you need to. Ask for different angled shots. Don’t be shy!


Buyer Tip #3: Choose to meet up as much as possible — and bring someone with you!

It’s always better to meet up with your seller. Transacting online runs the risk of being ghosted, and nobody wants that! You can avoid being scammed 99% of the time if you deal with someone near you. Choose a nearby, familiar, and well-guarded place — and if possible, take someone with you.

Also, always think twice before parting with your money, especially if it’s for a high-priced item.¬†We strongly advise against wire transferring huge amounts of money, especially to someone you haven’t met.


Buyer Tip #4: During meet ups, inspect the item CLOSELY!

When meeting with a seller, make sure you’re completely satisfied with the item before you give your payment. Don’t be afraid to hesitate or haggle if you think the item’s not as advertised or as promised. It’s your right to refuse!


Buyer Tip #5: Followed steps 1-4?

Enjoy your purchase! ūüôā


Cybersecurity - Tips for Online Sellers

Someone took interest in your item, but how do you make sure they’re the real deal? Get your item’s worth by following the 3 simple steps below. Rest assured, you’ll have a win-win exchange in no time.

Seller Tip #1: Be honest. Don’t hide anything.

When advertising your item on OLX, make sure what you say is true and nothing but the truth! It saves people’s time, including yours. Nobody likes to be lied to — and if your item has scratches, dents or even slightly torn, it’s better for you to be honest now than later.

If they don’t like that, then they’re not the right buyer. It’s okay, it will come! One that will love your item, flaws and all.


Seller Tip #2: Encourage meet ups — and be safe!

Buyers who refuse to meet up or talk on the phone is a big red flag. Prefer buyers near your area for less hassle. And if they really want the item, they’ll find a way. They also get to inspect the item, and you’ll know your item will be in good hands when you see them in person.


Seller Tip #3: Don’t ship an item without payment.

You might as well be saying bye bye to your item when you ship it without any payment. And remember, you’re not Santa Claus! So again, prefer meet-ups and bring a friend with you. As long as you’re safe, you won’t regret it.


Seller Tip #4: Be wary of buyers asking you to ship an item abroad.

If a buyer¬†gives you a shipping address outside of the country, be cautious. Make sure you’re covered by asking for the payment in advance. We highly recommend you¬†avoid using Paypal for payments for this type of scenario. Instead, go¬†with money transfer services or bank deposit.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Just follow these steps and you’ll surely have a win-win exchange! And remember: being honest is key to a winning community. Stay alert and let’s all¬†#WinWithCybersecurity!

Happy buying and selling!

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