Coolest Cars in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Coolest Cars in the Tokyo Motor Show 2017

The Tokyo Motor Show this year was full of great-looking cars. All the biggest names in the automotive world made an appearance at the show this year. Concept cars dominated the show, many of them giving a preview of what the future of automotives might look like.

Here are our picks of which cars in the Tokyo Auto Show have us excited:

1.  Toyota TJ Cruiser

The TJ Cruiser looks to be Toyota’s replacement for the the now-discontinued FJ cruiser after it ceased production. For this concept car, Toyota brings SUV elements to the van. This creates an interesting utilitarian hybrid that’s sure to excite dads everywhere.


2. Mitsubishi e-Evolution.

It’s been a while 10 years since we last got a Mitsubishi Evo. Fortunately, Mitsubishi brings it back, this time as a fully-electric SUV Coupé at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Mitsubishi e-Evolution borrows a lot from Mitsubishi Outlander, to be specific. But the main selling point is the artificial intelligence (AI) it’s set to have. According to Mitsubishi, the AI will even construct a driver training program that gives advice to the driver.


3. Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse also gets the crossover treatment at the Tokyo Motor Show. While previous iterations of the Eclipse look unmistakably like coupé, this one mixes it up. This iteration borrows the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, giving us a coupé-like crossover.


4. Subaru Viviz

The Mitsubishi Evo’s rival, the Subaru WRX also took a step in the SUV direction. Subaru kept details on the Subaru Viviz to a minimum at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, Subaru did mention that it will have some sort of driver assistance system called “EyeSight.”


5. Mazda Kai

Mazda showed off what looked like the next incarnation for their Mazda 3 at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Mazda Kai takes the appearance of a compact hatchback that Mazda says will set the stage for the future. Mazda also released details on its engine – a Controlled Compression Ignition SkyActiv-X engine. The new engine is set to dish out 10-30% more torque and be 20-30% more efficient than the SkyActiv-G engine.




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