Top 10 Most Searched Cars on OLX in August 2017

Top 10 Most Searched Cars on OLX in August 2017

The OLX car market continues to expand with no signs of slowing down. Last June, we found out that the 2016 Toyota Fortuner was the most searched car on OLX. What about now? According to the OLX Data Hub, the 2016 Toyota Fortuner remains the car most OLXers look for in August.

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Top 10 Most Searched Secondhand Cars on OLX in August 2017

Together with the Mitsubishi Montero, mid-size SUVs continue to maintain their dominance. 6 out of the 10 cars on the list are SUVs after all. However, don’t underestimate the selling potentials of sedans as well. Sedans like the Honda City and the Honda Civic continue to be a presence in the Top 10. Together, sedans take 4 spots on the Top 10.

The Toyota Fortuner sells from P1,225,000 to P1,688,000 on OLX. We continue to recommend selling this car on OLX, as well as the rest on the list.

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Top Most Searched Cars on OLX in 2017