Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

In 2016, we’ve seen the comeback of off-shoulder tops and white sneakers, and a new batch of creative memes, to name a few. With the internet becoming the biggest consumer influence, it’s hard to keep track of trends that come and go. And just as 2016 took us by surprise, there is definitely much to look forward to in 2017.

Although it’s hard to tell what the world comes up with next, we ran a list of things we thought might dominate the year. Just because it’s fun. Here are some things we expect to be #trending in 2017 based on the world’s already interesting if not bizarre decisions the past few years:



Yoga has been making waves the past few years — and it’s totally understandable. We’re guessing that’s it’s going to continue given that more people have been needing mindfulness given the amount of noise that’s been making rounds the last few months. There are many classes that people can sign up in now. And if that gets too costly, Youtube offers a lot of videos friendly enough for beginners and experts alike. This is a trend we could all continue to ride!


Traveling for health

Travel has definitely been a hit. Thanks to it being more accessible, and travel Instagrams being the definition of #goals, traveling as a trend is not going to stop anytime soon. So much so that there have been a few programs appearing on how to make use of travel for better health. We’re predicting a rise in this, seeing that there has been a steady rise in climbing and trekking — what other possibilities are there?



Everything on-demand

How do we ever go back to living in a world without Uber, Grab, Spotify, and Netflix? These tech buzzwords have become so ingrained in middle-class lifestyle that it’s hard to imagine what could happen if they disappeared. Given that this has been a trend in the recent years, we’re guessing that there will be a lot more of these kinds of services coming this year. On-demand hugs, perhaps? We’re calling it.


Virtual Reality

There was a rise of virtual reality and augmented reality in the last year, which goes to show that we really are living in the future. Remember the boom of Pokemon Go? 2017 predictions seem to show that this is going to continue as a trend, with more plans and advancements lined up. Big tech companies are already in the talks, with Google and Samsung already being the frontrunners.


Fashion and Beauty

Charcoal masks

Let’s not deny that we’ve seen at least one video on Facebook showing charcoal masks as an effective way to smoothen your skin. And a lot of people are riding this wave as it appears to be working for them. Expect to see more of this soon. We won’t be surprised if we hear testimonials left and right!


Artistically-inspired themes

We’re seeing a deeper appreciation for the arts, and we’re happy about it! Even in the fashion world, it has been predicted that more designers are getting into more artistically-inspired themes compared to the recent years’ more minimalist look. Perhaps we can expect to see more overalls with paint splatters? Vincent Van Gogh in skirts?



Going green

You don’t have to go very far to unwind from the bustling city if you ride this trend this year. Simply having plants around your house may prove therapeutic, and it’s good for the air too! We’re loving this trend seeing as though more beautifully decorated houses on Pinterest are filled with plants. This is also a good alternative if your condo or apartment doesn’t allow pets! Plants are living things, too!

These are our predictions for 2017. Do you agree? Which one of these would you get into? Let us know in the comments!