4 TV Series You Can Binge-Watch on a Rainy Day

4 TV Series You Can Binge-Watch on a Rainy Day

Rainy days keep coming as we roll on with the Ber months. With how bad traffic gets and how difficult public transportation currently is, staying in becomes a default option. 

These days are perfect for wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket, preparing popcorn, and binge-watching TV shows. While you might have your go-to series, why not try some new ones? You might even find a new favorite or two along the way.

The best part: you can finish most of these 4 shows on a rainy day.


Pride and Prejudice, BBC (average runtime: 5.45 hours for 6 episodes)

The 1995 BBC miniseries is a classic, and for good reason. Already more than 20 years old, it continues to be a favorite among fans.

It brings to life Jane Austen’s most popular work through its writing’s quality (it’s a faithful adaptation of the novel), the actors’ chemistry, and the design’s attention to detail. It stars Jennifer Ehle as the intelligent Elizabeth Bennet and Colin Firth as the brooding Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Whether or not you’ve read the book, you should try watching it so you can see early 19th century England come to life.


American Vandal, Netflix (average runtime: 4 hours for 8 episodes)

American Vandal revolves around two high schoolers investigating a vandalism incident in their school. Its lead, Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez), thinks Dylan Maxwell (Jimmy Tatro), a stoner whom the school expelled for it, is innocent and is making a documentary about his efforts to clear Dylan’s name.

The Netflix show plays with tropes associated with true-crime shows like Making a Murderer and The Keepers (also good shows). Even though it’s clearly satirical, you’ll still be hooked by the mystery.

It’s only in its first season and there’s no word yet about a next one, so you still have time to catch up just in case.


The Night Of, HBO (average runtime: 8 hours for 8 episodes)

The show stars Riz Ahmed as Nasir “Naz” Khan, a Pakistani-American college student who spends a night with a woman and wakes up the next morning to find her stabbed to death. He spends the rest of the series trying to clear his name while adapting to prison life.

A mix of a solid mystery plot, interesting storytelling, and a heartbreaking performance from Ahmed—which won him an Emmy—make it immersive and entertaining.


BoJack Horseman, Netflix (average runtime: 21 hours for 49 episodes)

The show is about BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnet from Arrested Development) trying to get his life together while going through the usual path of stars in Los Angeles.

It’s not as simple as that, of course: BoJack goes through plenty of ups and downs, many of which are tragic, and there are times when it’s hard to root for him.

BoJack and every other character though are so well-developed that it’s hard not to hope they end up better people, even when they act like jerks. 

Okay, so 21 hours is a huge stretch for a single rainy day, but it’s perfect for rainy weekends. If you do decide to watch it in a day, it’ll be worth it.