Spreading the Spirit of Adventure: The Story of UCM ATV

Spreading the Spirit of Adventure: The Story of UCM ATV

The adventurer’s spirit has taken hold over many. Everyone is looking for some way to satisfy their wanderlust. Some choose popular travel destinations. For others, they prefer to go off the beaten path – literally. If you’re among the latter, then UCM ATV has you covered.

Short for “Uno Concepto Motors,” UCM ATV sells different types of all-terrain vehicles (ATV), many of which can be found on OLX. Ray Salcena, the General Manager of UCM ATV certainly possesses an adventurous spirit.

Salcena says he’s very passionate about motorcycles. Then, one day he sees an ATV on the television and decided to try it out. He and a friend each bought one and started riding around.

Soon enough, people started asking them where they got their ATVs. Salcena and his friend jumped at the opportunity. They came up with the idea of selling ATVs and ran with it.


Rough Roads

Salcena admits that it hasn’t always been easy. When they started out, they had to sell on side streets. Motors would break down and they had to look for their own mechanics.

In 2011, Salcena started posting on OLX (At the time, Sulit.com.ph) and even had his ads boosted. Little did Salcena know that he would get calls from all over the country.

“Unexpected talaga na maraming tumawag, all over the Philippines talaga. Kahit saan talaga: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, may nag-iinquire about yung ano yung unit na binebenta namin. Tapos, dun din pumasok yung nagsimula na kaming magpaship ng mga items papuntang Visayas, papuntang Mindanao.”

From there, more Salcena got to go on even more adventures. He shares how he had to personally deliver to some buyers, taking him all over the country.


The Road Ahead for UCM ATV

While the road has seen its bumps, Salcena says he’s made many friends along the way. Many customers, once strangers become friends because they share a passion for adventure.

The beauty of the ATV lies in how it has 4 wheels, making it easy to balance. An ATV gives the accessibility of a motorcycle without the need for balance.

At present, UCM ATV has a showroom in the Rizal province. Salcena says he has plans on building a new showroom as well as another warehouse, maybe in Visayas or Mindanao.They also have an ATV park in Rizal where people can try riding ATVs along a course.

The road ahead certainly looks promising for Salcena as more and more people embrace being adventurous. To think, it all began with a passion for motorcycles. Salcena says when thinking of a business, it’s important to know your product. That way, you can answer questions about it and even demonstrate it if need be.

Besides passion and good products, Salcena also had perseverance and a good platform to promote his products. Together, these 4 things, like the 4 wheels of an ATV give balance and have taken his business far. And it looks to go even further.

Interested in ATVs? Check out UCM ATV on OLX!

Photos from UCM ATV’s Facebook page.