Unlock more sales opportunities: Introducing OLX for Business

Unlock more sales opportunities: Introducing OLX for Business

Creating win-win exchanges among Filipinos has always been at OLX’s core. It is then our goal to always strive for a better experience for our users, knowing that its impact can change lives, foster communities, and create great stories.

With this effort, we now introduce OLX for Business. It is a platform made to enhance and simplify seller experience, making way for more perfect matches between buyers and sellers.



What can you expect?

Better ad management



OLX for business is designed to allow easier management of multiple ads. From posting to refreshing ads, to finding the best ad-boosting features, to purchasing ad slots…high-volume listing is made clear and simple.

Features for organizing leads and contacts


It also adds dedicated features for organizing contacts and communication exchanges with buyers.

More optimized payment options



Purchase ad slots and ad-boosting features without any hassle. Now with more efficient payment options, selling process takes faster, allowing you to earn more from your ads.

Ad performance analytics (coming soon)

Understand ad performance with a better grasp of ad views and engagements as a good way to find out which features work best for your ads. This will let you select which features give your ads more inquiries and sales.

With an interface and experience dedicated to making sellers find buyers fast, OLX for Business will allow more win-win exchanges to take place.

Be one of the firsts to try it out!

Login using your OLX account when you visit https://business.olx.ph

For questions, clarifications and other concerns, feel free to email us at support@olx.ph or visit our Help Center.

Happy selling!