The Art of Vintage Car Picking Goes Online

The Art of Vintage Car Picking Goes Online

In an age of slick designs and curves, vintage cars are head-turners on the road. Their rarity and old-school appearances appeal to many people. The only way to get a vintage car these days is to restore one. This endeavor will lead you to people like Alfred Perez, owner of Alfred Motorworks in Kamuning, Quezon City. At 45, Alfred has seen many triumphs and struggles in the restoration business.

“Just imagine before, maghahagilap ka talaga, especially for the parts. Wala pang online noon and you’d really just look for kung anong meron dito sa Pilipinas. Pag wala, you fabricate, and even yung kokopyahan mo na pictures, hahanapin mo pa sa lumang libro na hahanapin mo rin sa Recto,” Alfred shares.

Among the many old books and antique knick-knacks in Recto, Alfred is able to find old automotive books and magazines. These, according to Alfred were often the only references restorers had back then.

However, with the Internet making information more accessible, hunting for vintage car parts has become easier. People with old cars just sitting in their garages or car parts gathering dust in boxes are now being found on online selling platforms like OLX.


From Manual to Digital

Vintage car hunters like Alfred are commonly called “pickers.” These days, pickers have taken their picking online, often being led into surprising experiences. “Marami na rin kasi ang napo-post and when you’re buying or selling something, the inquiries branch out to other items you may not be necessarily looking for or selling,” Alfred says.

Alfred has restored plenty of cars in the past 25 years, including a 1918 Chevrolet pick-up truck. Alfred has noticed that the appreciation of vintage cars has gone beyond older folks. “Noon, my youngest clients would be around 50 years old. Ngayon, hindi lang matanda ang nakaka-appreciate. Even those who are in their teens or in their 20s are looking to acquire much older cars that were around before they were even born,” he says.

This coincides with how communication is mostly digital these days. Alfred says the widespread use of OLX has not only made the search process easier, it’s also expanded his network within the vintage car community.

“Nakakatuwa kasi dati, manu-mano ang hunting. Now with just a few clicks, you can find what you’re looking for. Minsan nagbebenta ka ng lumang steering wheel, then the person who buys that refers you to their own friends in search of different parts or cars,” Alfred says.


An Eye For Old School

Just like any endeavor, vintage car-hunting requires a careful approach. “Sa dami ng nagpo-post, you need to really research. Click on each post, read the details, and compare. Sa OLX itself, research na rin eh. In OLX, you can compare prices to find out the average price for what you’re planning to buy or sell,” Alfred advises.

No doubt, the enthusiasm for old-school rides is here to stay and will continue to grow. The good news is, you can start looking for them via a new-school route—you might just find the vintage car of your dreams through OLX.

Whether you’re a picker or just interested in acquiring a vintage car, you can start your search through online selling platforms. Here’s what you’ll find when you search OLX:



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