Fun Workouts You Can Do In Preparation For Noche Buena With The Family

Fun Workouts You Can Do In Preparation For Noche Buena With The Family

When it comes to Noche Buena feasts, there’s usually one thing that’s always present: lots of food. While many people take fitness and calorie intake very seriously, few can resist the Noche Buena. Because of this, we’ve prepared a special list of workouts. These workouts will help you prepare, not just for the incoming calories but also other sorts of holiday hazards.

Are you ready? Here we go:

1. Farmer’s Walk

What you’ll need: Dumbbells (or any weighty object you can carry with one hand)

Useful for: Carrying the groceries in preparation for the big feast

Noche Buena workout - Farmer's Walk for carrying groceries

Don’t underestimate the Farmer’s Walk. While it doesn’t look explosive, this workout trains you for very functional movements. Based on its name, it’s related to what farmers do and farmers are among the most hardworking people out there. On the surface, it just looks like you’re carrying a weight to your side. No big deal, right? Sure. However, when that weight starts getting heavier, you’ll test your core strength as well as your overall endurance. This workout also develops your sense of balance and posture.

For a tougher challenge, do the farmer’s walk while carrying the weight in different ways.

What does this have to do with Noche Buena? One word: Groceries.

Noche Buena entails a lot of preparation. While we generally avoid conflict, Filipinos love secretly competing with each other. It must come with being such social and collectivist creatures. With this, the Christmas season is an opportunity to show off for some families. After all, Filipinos prepare for Christmas right at the start of the ber months. This is why in the lead up to Christmas, expect much preparation for the big feast. Should you find yourself on grocery duty, you’ll be thankful for all the functional training you’ve done.


2. Running

What you’ll need: Exercise clothes, shoes

Useful for: Warming up your cold, single Christmas, Escaping from your relatives who keep asking when you’ll get married

Noche Buena workout - Running for running away from relatives who ask when you're getting married

In general, people don’t like running. For sure, it’s not the most efficient workout you can do. However, some people like to run as a warm up before they do other workouts. After all, running serves as a cardio workout for many people. For those who don’t know, cardio (short for cardiovascular) workouts help keep your heart and lungs healthy. So if Christmas this year feels a little cold because you’re single and you’ve yet to meet the person who makes your heart beat and takes your breath away, go for a run!

If you want to take it to a higher level, you can also take on plyometrics or even parkour.

Besides cardio, running keeps your body conditioned for when you have to run away from danger. For example, when you sense relatives closing in to ask why you aren’t married yet or why you didn’t choose a “profitable course” in college, you can easily make a quick escape.


3. Clean and jerk

What you’ll need: A barbell

Useful for: Picking up gifts for the kids in your family.

Noche Buena workout - Clean and Jerk for carrying gifts for the kids or playing with the kids

The clean and jerk provides a great composite workout that engages almost your entire body. The clean and jerk definitely serves as a good gauge of overall fitness, as it’s also an Olympic sport. Despite many of us drinking Milo everyday, not everyone will reach that stage. However, mastering the clean and jerk will at least make you good at lifting heavy things from the ground.

What does this all have to do with Christmas?

Remember when Christmas was about excitedly opening gifts that were sometimes almost as big as you? Not really. These days, all we get is cash. While a lot of us are in dire need of it, it’s not as surprising anymore. However, we can still somewhat enjoy this secondhand as we watch the younger ones in the family open their oversized gifts.


4. Bear Crawl

What you’ll need: Space to crawl

Useful for: Crawling your way to the new year.

Noche Buena workout - Bear Crawl for crawling into the new year

The bear crawl might look weird. For others, it might even look easy. However, try doing it for 100 meters. Not so easy, is it? The exercise takes inspiration from the movement of quadrupeds (four-footed animals like bears. This workout engages almost the entire body, especially the core. However its, biggest is that it develops endurance.

If you want to make things even harder on yourself, try doing it backwards or doing a lizard walk.

2017 brought all sorts of surprises for everyone this year. Without question, this year tested everyone in terms of how much punishment we can take. For many of us, the Noche Buena feast will be a much-needed respite at the end of such a year. Knowing full well that not everyone can enjoy being with their families, you can savor your time with your loved ones. Above all other things, the Noche Buena is a celebration of Christmas, a celebration of hope.

The bear crawl is a workout that is all about endurance. It’s about setting an end goal, a distance you want to go, and doing everything you can to reach it. It seems simple at first but eventually, your muscles will scream in agony as sweat drips down your entire body. You will find yourself gasping for precious breath. You will want to give up and just drop dead. But you don’t. Not when you’re so close to the end.

When you finally finish your workout, you will realize that you are stronger than you ever thought. In the same way 2017 made many of us realize that we are stronger than we thought.

We will make it to 2018, even if we have to crawl our way to it.

Kapit lang, mga bes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, OLXers!